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Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)
Name Required Description Example
name Yes Name of Domain Misfortune
desc No Paragraph of flavor about your domain. Shows up right after the summary. Clerics of misfortune aren't inherently evil, and may even possess the Luck domain as the other side of the coin. However, their presence brings bad karma with them, and those who oppose them seem to be cursed with trouble after trouble.
lvl1 to lvl9 Yes Spell granted at that level. [[SRD:Doom|Doom]]
power Yes Granted power of the domain. Your appeasement of bad luck allows you to apply it against your enemies. If a creature rolls a natural 20, you may transform the result into a natural 1 instead as an immediate action. You pay perform this feat of unluck 1/day against a creature within 60 feet. If you have a reserve of luck points from various Luck feats, you may apply their uses per day towards this ability.
summary Yes One sentence summary of domain, shows up on navigation page and as part of description. The opposite side of luck is misfortune, and while no cleric wishes it upon themselves, some may wish it to occur to their enemies.