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Every parameter in the template has three variations, the given parameter from the table (we'll call it "foo"), foo2, and foo3. Use the foo2 and foo3 parameters if you're inputting two or three monsters; they specify the stats of the second and third monster you're inputting. For more details, see the examples page.

Parameter Required Description
monster no The monster or monsters' names. This is required if you're inputting multiple monsters (you must also set monster2 and, if three monsters, monster3), otherwise you may omit it.
size yes The monster's size; ex: "Large".
type yes The monster's type; ex: "Outsider". Do not make these links; just write the text by itself.
subtypes no The monster's subtypes, comma separated, if any. Ex: "Fire, Native". Do not make these links; just write the text by itself.
hd yes The monster's hit dice; ex: "6d8+24".
hp yes The monster's total hit points.
init yes The monster's initiative modifier; ex: "+7".
speed yes The monster's movement speeds; ex: "30 ft., fly 60 ft. (good)"
ac yes The monster's total armor class.
touch yes The monster's touch armor class.
flat yes The monster's flat-footed armor class.
bab yes The monster's base attack bonus. Do not include iterative attack bonuses.
grapple yes The monster's grapple modifier.
at no The monster's typical standard-action attack.
full_at no The monster's full attack routine.
space yes The amount of space the monster occupies; ex: "15 ft."
reach yes The monster's reach; ex: "10 ft."
sa no The monster's special attacks, if any.
sq no The monster's special qualities, if any; ex: "Blindsight 60 ft."
fort yes The monster's fortitude save bonus; ex: "+7".
ref yes The monster's reflex save bonus.
will yes The monster's will save bonus.
str no The monster's strength score; all six ability-score parameters will default to "—" if you omit them.
dex no The monster's dexterity score.
con no The monster's constitution score.
int no The monster's intelligence score.
wis no The monster's wisdom score.
cha no The monster's charisma score.
skills no The monster's trained skills and their bonuses. Ex: "Move Silently +16, Spot +17".
feats no The monster's feats, comma-separated. Please make these links to the SRD if they are SRD feats. Ex: "Iron Will, Toughness ×2".
env no The environment the monster can be found in.
org no The organizations the monster can be found in; ex: "Pack (2-6 of the monster, 12 children)".
cr yes The monster's Challenge Rating.
cralt no Used in place of the "cr" parameter. Allows for complicated CR fields, but requires manual semantic annotating if you want it to appear in navigation. Example: "cralt=[[Challenge Rating::20]] or [[Challenge Rating::as pilot +3]] (whichever is higher)". Note the double colons in manual semantic annotations, these are intentional and required.
treas no Treasure multipliers the monster can be found with; ex: "Double Standard". This defaults to "None" if you omit it.
align no The monster's alignment; ex: "Always Lawful Evil". This defaults to "Any" if you omit it.
adv no How the monster advances. Ex: "Large (10-16 HD), Huge (17+ HD)". This defaults to "None" if you omit it.
la no The monster's level adjustment, if any. This will default to "—" if you omit it.