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This is more of a reading through the template log of what I see...

  • weap=Name of weapon.
  • Has weird things like <!-- Enter 's', 'm', or 'e' for parameter 'sme' --> for defaults...
  • sme=Simple/Martial/Exotic
  • lot=light, one-handed, two-handed
  • pt=projectile, thrown
  • melee=Include if a melee weapon.
  • ammo=Include if ammunition.
  • crit=Critical chance
  • range=Range
  • type=Type of weapon? I dunno what it does.
  • hardness=Hardness of weapon.
  • nocost=??
  • nowght=??

A bunch of weird properties for the table. Things are really named with like two or three letters which doesn't help. This needs a huge overhaul...