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Ora (also known as The Hammer) is the moon orbiting the planet Reorx (the second planet orbiting the Sun in the crystal sphere called Krynnspace). Ora is a habitable moon, and spacefarers passing through Krynnspace often stop there to get air, water and other supplies.[1][2]

Ora is a largely unexplored moon. No groundling races live on its surface and the only colony of spacefarers that has been established on Ora, is a very small mining community of dwarves from the planet Reorx. When they landed on Ora, these dwarves were unaware that Reorx is actually home to dangerous wildspace creatures including: argos, delnoric plasmoids, q'nidar and salt and swamp wiggles and are hiding out in a cave waiting to be rescued by another spelljamming ship.[3] So far, the inside of Ora has not been explored.[1]

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