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This table lists all Tome base classes on the wiki.

Name Description Balance
Armoured Pokemaniac The Knight (Races of War, not PHBII), but for Pokemon d20 High
Assassin, Tome  :The Assassin is not so much a hired killer as he is someone who studies how to kill. Large amounts of skills, poison use, medium spontaneous spellcasting, ability to hand out large amounts of damage (rather than the traditional Death Attacks) at intervals. High
Barbarian, Tome Designed to let the Barbarian run into the middle of a horde of enemies and come out alive. Bonus damage dice and powerful abilities when raging. Very High
Bard, Tome A bard that kicks enough ass for a Tome game. Very High
Conduit of the Lower Planes A new class-based way to create fiends and characters from the lower planes., An example Conduit of the Lower Planes Very High
Dragon Very High
Elemental Brute A class for advancing Elementals as powerful close combatants with thematic abilities. Very High
Elemental Weird An Elemental who focuses on magic instead of physical power., {{{summary}}} Very High
Elementalist A spellcaster with a variety of readily-available elemental powers Very High
Fiendish Brute A class-based way to create interesting new fiends., An example Fiendish Brute. Very High
Fighter, Tome A highly-trained heroic master of battlefield improvisation. Very High
Fire Mage A Fire Mage is a guy who likes fire a lot, and also doesn't completely suck. High
Genie A way similar to the True Fiend to create genies, mephits, and similar elemental Outsiders. Very High
Jester To be a Jester is to see the joke in every tragedy. Very High
Joker Jokers are chaotic pranksters & comedians. Very High
Kantian Paladin A paladin that's actually playable at every level of the game. Very High
Knight, Tome A 10-level Base Class designed to carry the Knight from his spurs, all the way to joining a prestigious Knightly Order. Heavily focused on defending others. High
Marshal, Tome A combat buffer and healer designed to be easy-to-use. Unquantifiable
Master Assassin For This Assassin is not so much a hired killer as he is someone who studies how to kill. If Killing is an art, then you are its painter, and your weapons are the brushes High
Monk, Tome A version of the Monk that is actually playable. Very High
Monster Tamer A person who captures monsters in spheres and chooses them to fight. Really, it's just a Pokemaster with the serial numbers filed off. Very High
Ninja A Ninja fit for Tome games. Very High
Paladin, Tome A warrior of the forces of good, a strong defensive bastion and caster of defensive and healing spells. Very High
Puppeteer Bioelectric Necromancy! High
Ranger, Tome A ranger that kicks ass. Very High
Ronin The progeny of dishonored warriors, Ronins specialize in cheap shots. High
Samurai, Tome The master of the quickdraw, whose kiai rend flesh and steel apart with equal ease. A version of the class which is actually playable. Very High
Shadowcaster A stealthy magic user and weilder of shadow magic. Very High
Skilled Assassin This Assassin has mastered killing in its Entirety nothing can escape it. If Killing is an art, then you are its painter, and your weapons are the brushes High
Sorcerer, Tome A sorcerer that isn't obviously inferior to a wizard. Very High
Soulborn A non-sucky version of the Soulborn. Very High
Spirit Shaman A Spirit Shaman is meant for two things: charming spirits and punching people in the face with said spirits. Very High
Summoner A master of the summoning arts. Very High
Thief Acrobat While the common rogue is a thief, con-man, and scout extraordinaire, the thief acrobat is a highly trained specialist in the art of housebreaking and feats of dexterity and acrobatics.
Totemist A totemist that isn't crazy complicated to use. Very High
True Fiend A new way to build new and interesting fiend creatures. Very High
Warlock A Warlock that doesn't suck. Very High
Wintersmith A spellcaster-like class based around winter, creating ice objects and dealing cold damage. Very High
Witch The witch in D&D draws upon the various fantasy sources, along with an option to be a good, nature-friendly, curse-removing witch for all the hippy wicca kids out there. Very High

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