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These feats were introduced in the Tome of Fiends, and are usable only by characters who are either:

  • A creature from any of the Lower Planes (Acheron, Baator, Gehenna, Hades, Carceri, the Abyss, or Pandemonium), or
  • An Elemental or Outsider with an Evil alignment, or
  • A creature who has previously taken the Product of Infernal Dalliance feat.

They do not scale with any particular attribute unless stated otherwise.

Spellcasting Feats
Name Prerequisite(s) Summary
Agony Caress Character level 3 Your touch is Torturous
Aquafiend None You like the water.
Army of Demons None You have an army of planar crazy crap.
Breath Weapon Character level 6 You have a magical breath weapon.
Carrier Must have one level of a Fiend class. You are a carrier of a dangerous disease, though you are immune to its effects.
Constricting Fiend Character level 6 Your legs merge into a long tail, and you gain the ability to squeeze the life from your foes.
Constricting Tail None You have a serpentine tail that allows you to squeeze the life from your enemies.
Demonic Appearance None Your appearance changes to match the taint within.
Devil Magic None Your innate magical abilities have been warped by your Fiendish taint.
Devour the Soul Must have one level of a Fiend class As a fiend, you gain nourishment from devouring souls.
Elemental Aura Character level 7, must have a subtype granting immunity to a form of elemental damage Your close relationship with primal elemental forces has manifested in a damaging aura.
Essence Gourmand Devour the Soul, must have one level of a Fiend class Even among soul-eating fiends, you are an accomplished eater.
Evil Eye Character Level 3 "Go ahead. Try it. I dare you."
Extra Arms Character level 6 (per extra pair) You have more arms than normal.
Extra Arms, Red Rob Version None You have more arms than is normal for your race.
Extra Legs None You are quadrupedal.
Fiendish Invisibility Character level 6 You cannot be seen
Frozen Heart Must have the [Cold] subtype. Your icy aura freezes everything around you.
Hard Freeze Must have at least one spell-like ability with the [Cold] descriptor. Your personality chills people to the bone.
Harmless Form Character level 4 You can assume the likeness of a mortal.
Huge Size Character level 10 Your size increases to Huge
Large Size Character level 5 Your size increases to Large.
Mental Evolution Wisdom or Intelligence 14, basic access to a Sphere Your infernal powers have taken a turn away from your force of personality, and towards your insight, or your knowledge.
Natural Weaponry None As your body grows, all of your Natural Weapons gain power along with it.
Pincers None Two of your hands are converted into pincers.
Poison Sacs Must have one level of a Fiend class One of your natural weapons is envenomed.
Projectile Vomiting, Acid None Call an exorcist!
Slime Trail Character level 2 Your body secretes a slick mucus that dries quickly in contact with air, but you've learned to use this to your advantage.
Spider-Fiend Character level 4 Doing the things a spider can
Spines of Fury Character level 3 Spines cover your body, and you may fire these spine at your enemies.
Spines of Fury, Red Rob Version None Barbed spines cover your body.
Sting of the Scorpion None You have a stinger that carries lethal poison.
Stolen Breath Character level 3 You take people's breath away by force.
Stoning Gaze Character level 9 You turn people you view into stone.
Supernatural Virulence Must have a poisonous natural weapon Your poison is as much magical as it is biological.
Unearthly Flames Must have the [Fire] subtype Your body burns with unnaturally hot fire.
Webspinner Spider Fiend "Come into my parlor, said the spider to the fly."
Wings of Evil Character level 5 You have sinister bat-like wings growing from your back.

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