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The Tortle is a race in 5th ed. described in the Tortle Package.

Creature Type: Humanoid
Size: Medium
Alginment: Most are lawful good
Ability Score Increase: Strength +2, Wisdom +1

Hold Breath
Natural Armor
Shell Defense
Survival Instinct

Unofficial Description

Turtle people.

Height and Weight[edit]

Height & Weight [1]
Species Base Height Height Mod Base Weight Weight Mod Average
Tortle 4' 11" +1d12 415 lbs. x (2d4) lbs. 5' 6" 350

Sources and Notes[edit]

  1. User:Rlyehable extrapolated from tortle traits


This race was first distributed as part of a charity event benefiting Extra Life.

Rule Tip: AC Calculations Don't Stack [1]
When the game gives you more than one way to calculate your Armor Class, you can use only one of them. You choose the one to use. For example, if you have the loxodon's Natural Armor trait and the monk's Unarmored Defense feature, you don't mix them together. Instead, you choose which one determines your AC.

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  1. James Wyatt, Jeremy Crawford (20 November 2018). Guildmasters' Guide to Ravnica. Wizards of the Coast. ISBN 0786966599. p. 18.
Facts about "Tortle (5e)/Race"
Ability ModsStr +2 + and Wis +1 +
AuthorTortle Package +
Canontrue +
FeaturesClaws +, Hold Breath +, Natural Armor +, Shell Defense + and Survival Instinct +
Is Racetrue +
PublicationTortle Package +
Strength+2 +
SummaryTurtle people. +
TypeHumanoid +
Wisdom+1 +