Unholy Spellcasting (3.5e Feat)

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Author: Johnnya4344 (talk)
Date Created: Oct 20, 2015
Status: Done
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Unholy Spellcasting [Spellcasting]

Your spells are evil. Evil. and once more for emphasis: EVIL.
Prerequisite: Ability to rebuke undead.

Benefits: This is a spellcasting feat that scales with the highest-level spell slot you have.

  • 0: You can rebuke undead as a swift action.
  • 1: You deal an extra 1d4 unholy damage on each damaging spell you cast.
  • 2: By spending 2 rebuke attempts, you command undead that would normally be rebuked.
  • 3: You cast any spell of the [Necromancy] school at +1 CL.
  • 4: You can spend a rebuke attempt to make all weapons held by allies within 60 ft have the Unholy property for a number of rounds equal to 1 + your Cha modifier (minimum 1 round).
  • 5: You may opt for any spell you cast to have the [Evil] descriptor. Damage dealing spells altered this way deal half of their damage as unholy damage (post roll, round up).
  • 6: You may spend a rebuke attempt as a swift action to launch a bolt of darkness at a target within medium range. This bolt deals 1d8 unholy damage per 2 caster levels to the target and requires a ranged touch attack to hit.
  • 7: You may turn good outsiders as you would undead. Instead of destroying them, they get banished.
  • 8: You may spend 2 rebuke attempts as an immediate action to channel a freshly killed soul into an onyx gem of at least 100 gp value. This only works if done immediately after the target dies.
  • 9: You may spend 3 rebuke attempts as an immediate action to redirect a spell targeting you to another legal target within range.

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PrerequisiteAbility to rebuke undead. +
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SummaryYour spells are evil. Evil. and once more for emphasis: EVIL. +
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