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Author: Eridanus (talk)
Date Created: May 6, 2015
Status: work in progress
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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CR 3

NG Tiny Dragon (Bug, Water)
Init/Senses -1/darkvision 60ft, low-light vision; Listen +1, Spot +0
AC 17, touch 11, flat-footed 18
(+2 size, -1 Dex, +6 natural)
hp 22 (3d12 HD); +6
Immune magic sleep, acid
SR/PR/Resist 5/2/fire 5
Fort/Ref/Will +3 (+5 against poisons)/+0/+1
Weakness Cold, dragonbane, other dragons
Speed 15, swim 20
Melee Slam +3 (1d8+2 bludgeoning)
Space/Reach 2/0
Base Atk/Grp +3/+6
Atk Options Bubble, Absorb
Special Actions Bubble, Absorb
Abilities Str 12, Dex 8, Con 14, Int 14, Wis 10, Cha 12
SQ Dragon Pokemon Traits
Advancement 4-16 HD (Tiny), 17-27 HD (Small), 28+ HD (Medium)
Hydration (Ex) Whenever Goomy is submerged at least up to half its height, or is in a place that is raining, all afflictions aside from death are removed.
Sap Sipper (Ex) If Goomy is hit by an attack with [Grass] effect, Goomy instead gains +1 effective bonus to Strength for 2 minutes while the entire attack is negated. Each activation resets the timer and increases bonus further (up to +6).
Bubble (Ex) As a standard action, Goomy may blow a burst of bubbles at a single target that will deal 1d3 damage for every HD Goomy has. The target has to perform a Fortitude save with DC of ½ Goomy's HD or suffer a -1 penalty to the Initiative for a minute. This is a [Water] effect.
Absorb (Su) As a standard action, Goomy may release a beam of energy at foe to deal 1d3 damage for every 2 HD Goomy has and regain HP equal to half the damage. This is a [Grass] effect.

Strategies and Tactics[edit]

Goomy is relatively harmless, if actually friendly creature. It is likely that it won't attack you unless provoked. However

Sample Encounters[edit]


Environment: Damp environments

Typical Physical Characteristics:

Alignment: Can have any, but usually neutral good.



Goomy usually are found in groups, led by their evolved brethrens.

Sample Lair[edit]

The best place to find a Goomy is a damp place, like a swamp. They sometimes are found on plains.

Typical Treasure[edit]

For Player Characters[edit]

Creatures As Characters[edit]

Creatures With Class Levels[edit]

Advanced Creatures[edit]

At 7 HD, Goomy learns Dragonbreath (Su): Goomy has a breath weapon, usable once every 1d4 rounds, which deals 1d5 damage per HD Goomy has. The breath weapon takes the form of a 50-foot line. Creatures caught in the path of the attack can halve the damage with a Reflex save (save DC is Constitution-based). A creature that fails its save by 5 or more is paralyzed for 5 rounds. This is a [Dragon] effect.

At 10 HD, Goomy learns Rain Dance (Su): As a swift action, Goomy may replicate the effects of the Drizzle feat, except it ends after 5 rounds.

At 11 HD, Goomy learns Flail (Ex): Goomy gets more dangerous as it loses vitality. As its hp dwindles down (see the following table for details), Goomy may fight as though it was its normal size category or a number of size categories larger corresponding to its remaining hp, whichever is more advantageous. Nonlethal damage counts as lost hp for this purpose. If Goomy's actual size changes (including due to an HD increase), its effective size increases due to Reversal are changed accordingly. What this boils down to is that the closer Goomy is to death (or unconsciousness), the more it'll be able to hurt you.

Reversal - HP to size
 % of max HP Effective Offensive Size
71%-100% Normal (Tiny)
36%-70% +1 (Small)
21%-35% +2 (Medium)
11%-20% +3 (Large)
10%-5% +4 (Huge)
4%-1 HP +5 (Gargantuan)

At 15 HD, Goomy learns Muddy Water (Sp): Every 4 rounds, Goomy may summon a 3 feet-wide wave of mud that will travel 100 feet and deal 1d7 damage per Goomy's HD. Anyone caught in the attack has to perform a Fortitude save (DC - Goomy's HD + Charisma modifier), or suffer a -1 penalty to attack rolls for a minute. This is a [Water] effect.

At 17 HD, Goomy learns Dragon Pulse (Su): At will, Goomy may use a standard action to launch a ranged touch attack with a range increment of 80 feet that does 1d12 points of damage. This is a [Dragon] effect. Goomy adds its Charisma modifier to the damage roll.

With proper equipment, Goomy can be taught Thunderbolt (Su): Every 1d3 rounds Goomy may unleash a thunderbolt against a target within Close range (10 ft. plus 2 ft. per two levels). The thunderbolt has a 2' radius spread and deals 1d2 damage for each of Goomy's hit dice, Reflex Save for half damage (DC 5 + 1/2 hit dice + Charisma Modifier). Thunderbolt comes directly from the sky, and cannot be used indoors or underground.

With proper equipment, Goomy can be taught Sludge Bomb (Ex): As a standard action, Goomy

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