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Plants and ecology chapter.

WTF is up with the Plant type?[edit]

Exactly what it says on the tin

The plant type in D&D is definitely not an analogue to terrestrial plants. Plants in the real world are unintelligent, immobile, and generally are not going to kill you. In real life, most plants produce their own food from inorganic material and almost all of them photosynthesize. The D&D plant type is hard to define, without much on Earth to compare it to.

So here it is. D&D Plants are normal, natural plants that have been animated through magical processes. The animated plants are not themselves magical, in the same way that a zombie does not fall apart in an Antimagic Field. Plants are powered by the essential energy of the Material Plane in the same way undead are powered by the essential energy of the Negative Energy Plane.


Ecology rants go here, including the basics of ecology, examination of a few ecological niches, mundane ecosystems with a bit of magic added, and purely magical ecosystems like dungeons.

An Herbalist's Manual[edit]

Write-ups of magical plants that are cool to find and that make magical ecosystems work