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Author: Ideasmith (talk)
Date Created: 6/22/2013
Status: Playable?
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Flashes of Hidden Talent [General] Your suppressed potential ocassionally leaks a bit.Prerequisites: Dormant Talent class feature, Metamorphosis class feature..Benefit: You gain a hidden talent, which is half the level of your dormant talent (fractions rounded up), but otherwise as similar to it as possible. Once per day per level, your player may attempt to activate your hidden talent, replacing your current abilities and alignment with those of the hidden talent. Roll 1d20 and add your level: If the result is 20 or greater, your hidden talent activates as if modified by partial metamorphosis; if the result is 25 or greater, it activates in full. The unfledged need not be concious or otherwise capable for this feat to activate. The hidden talent remains active for one round per level before you revert. Special: If you already have one of the ACFs grantable with partial metamporphosis, only a 21 or better is needed to activate your hidden talent in full.

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