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Author: Luigifan18 (talk)
Date Created: November 15, 2017
Status: Just Started
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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The Art Flow[edit]

Planar Traits[edit]

The Art Flow is coexistent with the Material Plane, just like the Ethereal Plane and Plane Of Shadow. Art Flow Users draw power from it, as do various spells, powers, magic items, et cetera, but the Art Flow's essence is highly toxic to anyone who isn't an Art Flow User. However, the essence is severely weakened by water and cold.

Physical Traits[edit]

  • Gravity: No gravity except in stable regions. Art Flow Users and most inhabitants of the Art Flow have no problem with this, as they can fly by default, but those without the ability to harness the Art Flow are stuck. Which is problematic, considering that the essence of the plane is toxic and unbreathable to those unable to harness it. It should also be noted that while Art Flow Users and native inhabitants of the Art Flow can move through its paint-like atmosphere as easily as an air elemental can move through the sky (and most spells traveling through the Art Flow allow their beneficiaries the same easy travel), the Art Flow’s material is more like a thick liquid, so it is capable to pull oneself through it with a DC 35 Swim check. Stable regions tend to have normal gravity.
  • Time: Time passes normally in the Art Flow at large. However, it does not pass in stable regions if the corresponding artwork is not dynamic enough to justify the passage of time (so time would not pass in a still painting, but might pass in a moving painting).
  • Morphic: Highly Morphic and Alterable Morphic. Art Flow Users can manipulate this plane more or less however they please. Creating works of art on the Material Plane (or the Ethereal Plane, the Plane of Shadow, the Art Flow itself, or, on rare occasions involving a skilled and/or prolific artist or artists, on the Astral Plane or an Inner or Outer Plane) creates a stable, less morphic region of the Art Flow which corresponds to that artwork, allowing for paintings, sculptures, et cetera to be explored.

Elemental, Energy, Alignment, and Magic Traits[edit]

  • Magic Traits: Enhanced magic — Conjuration, Evocation, and Illusion effects are cast at +2 caster level. Creation effects are cast at an additional +2 caster level. Paint effects are empowered and maximized. Impeded magic — [Water] effects are cast at −2 caster level and have a 30% failure rate (rolled separately from other failure chances such as impeded components (being blinded, deafened, wearing armor, etc.)).

Planar Connections[edit]

The Art Flow is coexistent with the Material Plane in the same fashion as the Ethereal Plane and Plane of Shadow. Just like those planes, this allows the Art Flow to be used as a method of traversing the Material Plane by characters with the ability to access, travel through, and survive the Art Flow, and potentially bypass obstacles (such as walls) that could hinder travel or exploration of the Material Plane. Unlike the Ethereal Plane, the Art Flow does not have any intrinsic movement-hindering properties aside from the viscosity of its atmosphere, so anyone with enough command over the Art Flow to enter and exit at will can generally get from point A to point B at their full speed. Unlike the Plane of Shadow, the dimensions of the Art Flow do not distort themselves over time (even though they look like they do) — each point in space is distinct and static. However, unlike either the Ethereal Plane or Plane of Shadow, the visual similarity between the Art Flow and the Material Plane is somewhat tenuous. Aside from stable regions (corresponding to works of art, usually on the Material Plane), the landscape of the Art Flow resembles roiling torrents of multicolored paint — it can be quite hard to tell where you are in the Art Flow and where that point is relative to the Material Plane. Thus, it is very hard to travel to a precise destination through the Art Flow unless you know the distance between where you're entering and where you want to exit, and have some way of measuring your rate of travel so you can know when you've covered that distance and can exit the Art Flow and be where you want to be.

The Art Flow may also coexist with other planes in locations where lots of art exists, such as a museum or the home of a collector, but its connection to the Inner and Outer Planes (and the Astral Plane, for that matter) is relatively weak.


The Art Flow is inhabited primarily by bits of its essence that have somehow attained sapience (or at least a form of rudimentary self-guided will), such as paint elementals. Few other creatures are interested in spending much time here. Of course, since stable regions correspond with works of art in other planes, those areas are often inhabited by the individuals depicted in those artworks (or duplicates of those individuals, if said individuals actually exist (or existed in the past) on some other plane).

Movement and Combat[edit]


Features of the Art Flow[edit]

The paint-like substance that makes up the Art Flow is toxic to all creatures without the ability to harness it. (However, long-term planar travel spells will usually protect their casters and subjects from the toxins.) The Art Flow's energy attempts to invade the bodies of susceptible creatures and stiffen their bodies, causing 1 Strength damage, 1 Dexterity damage, and 1 Constitution damage as both primary and secondary damage, Fortitude save DC 18. The Art Flow poisons creatures exposed to its atmosphere once per round. The Art Flow's energy is a supernatural poison; resistance or immunity to mundane poison is useless, but an antimagic field will prevent it from invading creatures' bodies (though it cannot prevent secondary damage). Creatures with the Paint subtype cannot be poisoned by the Art Flow; instead, exposure to it cures them of 3 damage per round as it repairs and rejuvenates their bodies. A creature whose Strength, Dexterity, or Constitution is reduced to 0 by ability damage from Art Flow poisoning dies and its body is immediately taxidermically preserved into a statue-like state, as though affected by flesh to stone. (A creature that dies in this way does not actually turn to stone – it is simply chemically and supernaturally mummified. As such, stone to flesh is unable to restore a creature who has succumbed to such a fate; however, any form of revival, including raise dead, works normally, clearing the Art Flow from the subject's system. A body killed by Art Flow poisoning does not decay, but revival magic is still subject to its usual time limits. If a creature killed by Art Flow poisoning is temporarily revived by a spell such as revenance[1], it dies normally when the spell expires; it does not become a statue again.)

If using Better Poison Implementation rules, the statistics of Art Flow energy as a poison, both from the Art Flow itself and from creatures and characters capable of weaponizing it, are as follows:

Art Flow Energy (Better Poison)
  • Duration: 5 rounds
  • Base DC: 18 (Max 32)
  • Creature DC: 10 + ½ Creature's HD + Creature's Con or Cha modifier (depending on the attack)
  • Lethality Threshold: 4
  • Delivery: Contact

Initial Effect: The victim must make a Fortitude save or suffer a −2 penalty to Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution. If this reduces one of these ability scores to 0, the victim immediately dies, its body becoming a taxidermied statue as though affected by flesh to stone (though it is not actually petrified).

Heightened Effect: The penalties to Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution increase by 2 (−4, −6, −8, and so on). If this reduces one of those ability scores to 0, the victim immediately dies.

Secondary Effect: The victim's movement speeds are reduced by 5 feet, to a minimum of 5 feet.

Delayed Effect: The ability score penalties from the poison become ability damage. If the lethality threshold was crossed and the victim doesn't die, it must make another Fortitude save or the ability score penalties from the poison become ability drain.

Particular Immunity: Art Flow Users, all creatures with Paint subtype.

The Art Flow abhors water. Water does not exist naturally in the Art Flow except in stable regions corresponding to a work of art where water is either a major component (such as an ornately decorated fountain with intricately-designed pipes to direct the flow of water in unusual, eye-catching patterns) or directly depicted (such as a painting of a lake). Even in those cases, the water is restricted to the stable region by the nature of the divide between raw energy and harnessed talent. If water is somehow brought to a non-stable region, such as by magic, the energy retreats from the space the water occupies, leaving behind a bubble of either water or empty space, depending on whether or not the water sticks around after the effect generating it has finished. The water- or air-filled space becomes a zone of respite from the toxic energy of the Art Flow for a time. Empty space is gradually refilled by the Art Flow's energy, which advances at a rate of 10 feet per round.


(To be added as Paint monsters are completed)

Using the Art Flow[edit]

Fun fact: Kirby: Canvas Curse, Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, and Ib all took place here. That should give you some basic information. This plane is a perfect fit for paintings being used as portals, sculptures coming to life, and art galleries literally sucking people inside, among other such artistic adventures.

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