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Author: Luigifan18 (talk)
Date Created: November 28, 2012
Status: Just started
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Sapphire Showdown[edit]

The Scofflaws have learned of the Sapphire Eidolon, and are now attempting to destroy it! So begins the ultimate showdown between Law and Chaos! This quest is a drag-down, knock-out, large-scale brawl between wilders and incarnates — more specifically, between anarchic initiates[1] and sapphire hierarchs[2]. These two prestige classes are dedicated to the obliteration of the other by their very natures, and when they come into contact, things get really messy. When the PCs stumble upon this conflict, they have three main options. They can simply duck for cover and try to escape the battle unscathed; they can assist the Scofflaws in destroying the Sapphire Eidolon and bringing down its Order; or they can help the Order of the Sapphire Eidolon defend their patron and wipe out the Scofflaws. The PCs' choices are likely to come down to their alignment. Lawful characters will probably help the Order of the Sapphire Eidolon, while chaotic characters will probably help the Scofflaws. Neutral characters are a trickier case. True neutral characters are the likeliest to just try to back out of the area and avoid the war entirely. Neutral evil characters will probably try to get both groups to eradicate each other. Neutral good characters face the toughest challenge of all — getting the Scofflaws and Order of the Sapphire Eidolon to peacefully coexist. Neither group can tolerate the existence of the other, so this road will be exceptionally challenging, but in the end, it may carry the greatest rewards of all. After all, this is a battle between law and chaos, not good and evil, so the Scofflaws and Order of the Sapphire Eidolons both have heroes and villains among them.



The Quest's Start
[[User:Luigifan18/Sapphire Showdown (3.5e Quest)/Introduction#|]]
[[User:Luigifan18/Sapphire Showdown (3.5e Quest)/Introduction#|]]
[[User:Luigifan18/Sapphire Showdown (3.5e Quest)/Introduction#|]]

Chapter 1: Battle Lines Drawn

[[User:Luigifan18/Sapphire Showdown (3.5e Quest)/#|]]
[[User:Luigifan18/Sapphire Showdown (3.5e Quest)/#|]]
[[User:Luigifan18/Sapphire Showdown (3.5e Quest)/#|]]
[[User:Luigifan18/Sapphire Showdown (3.5e Quest)/#|]]

Chapter 2:

[[User:Luigifan18/Sapphire Showdown (3.5e Quest)/#|]]
[[User:Luigifan18/Sapphire Showdown (3.5e Quest)/#|]]
[[User:Luigifan18/Sapphire Showdown (3.5e Quest)/#|]]
[[User:Luigifan18/Sapphire Showdown (3.5e Quest)/#|]]

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