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Marduk Abysshome, TN Human Monk? 20[edit]

Marduk is one of the Five Disciples, the greatest masters of Kharzan's traditions of power. He is a master of many of the esoteric styles of martial arts in the Empire, and associated with the element of water. His combat style represents passivity, flow, and nonexistence, and is often associated with the Negative Energy Plane as much as with Elemental Water.

Grandmaster Fighting Styles[edit]

  • Hand of Annihilation: Slam attacks cause a disintegrate effect, violent thrust on slam
  • Ward of Doldrums: Teleport lock within 1 mile, Dispel on Slam, Total Concealment
  • Soul of the Void: Incorporeality, Total Concealment, Banishment

Master Fighting Styles[edit]

  • Empty the Will: Helplessness, Panic
  • Mana’s Death Palm: Dispel on Slam, Banishment
  • Lazy Undercurrent Stance: Violent Thrust on Trip/Bullrush, AoO trip/disarm when attacked, +4 Dodge to AC

Fighting Styles[edit]

  • Vanishing Hand: +4 Dodge to AC, Save-or-Stun
  • Shadow Walk: Concealment, Provoke no AoOs for movement
  • Sever the Soul: Save-or-Stun, Piercing + 2 Con
  • Cloak of the Void: +4 Dodge to Saving Throws, Concealment