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Author: Rlyehable (talk)
Date Created: 2018.02.01
Status: 1st draft
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These sorcerers draw their power from the Cosmic Mind, a force of the collective unconscious and will of the multiverse.


Sorcerers of the Cosmic Mind wield their magic through the lens of pure will. At 1st level the sorcerer can cast cantrips and two schools of magic (your choice from the following list) ignoring any verbal, somatic, and material components (except material components with a stated gp value).

When the sorcerer gains a level, he may switch one school he has chosen for another on the list.
At 6th level the sorcerer may apply this feature to two more schools from the list.
At 14th level this feature applies to all schools of magic (on or off the list).

Psionic Attunement[edit]

Beginning at 1st level, the sorcerer gains resistance to psychic damage, has advantage on saving throws against spells and abilities that deal psychic damage, and may add his charisma bonus to any psychic damage caused by a spell he casts.
At 18th level, the sorcerer becomes immune to psychic damage.

Cosmic Sight and Communication[edit]

Beginning at 6th level, the sorcerer gains truesight within 60 feet.

The sorcerer gains telepathy with any chosen creature(s) that it can see and with a range of 120 feet to any creature(s) it is aware of, but cannot see (such as on the other side of a wall) that he desires.

Magical Insight[edit]

At 14th level, the sorcerer may learn 3 spells that a sorcerer may not normally cast from another class. These spells must be of 7th level or lower. These spells count as sorcerer spells for the sorcerer, but do not count against the 'Spells Known' column of the Sorcerer table.

If the sorcerer witnesses a non-sorcerer spell being cast, he may replace one of the three with the spell he just witnessed being cast.

Beginning at 15 level, the spells may be 8th level or lower, and at 17th level or above, the spells may be of any level.


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