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Author: Spazalicious Chaos (talk)
Date Created: Mar 10, 2011
Status: under new construction
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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The Book of Splendid Performance[edit]

The authoritative source for immersive storytelling.

This supplement for the D&D game presents guidelines for involved plot creation, variant rules intended to enhance the drama of various situations, and expanded character options to both enhance and exploit the dramatic systems. How this will be accoplished will be via three new systems- Plot Points, which allow player and GM interference with story critical elements, Narratives, which promote planning and story-telling by letting the player seize control of the GMs seat, and Fate, the ripples and long-term effects of players actions that shape their stories.



What Are Stories?
Dramatic Roleplaying
Players Guide to Drama
Game Masters Guide to Drama
Read This Before Continuing

Chapter 1: Story

Campaign, Story and Scene
Story Types
How Rules Work

Chapter 2: Plot Points

What Are They?
Using Plot Points

Chapter 3: Narratives

Initiating Narratives
Narrative Effects

Chapter 4: Fate

Ties That Bind
Attracting Fate
Fate Binding
Fate Roles

Chapter 5: Story Systems

Free Combat
Field Experience Points

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