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Costumed Hero[edit]

Table: The Costumed Hero

Hit Die: d10

Level Base
Attack Bonus
Saving Throws Special Outfit
Fort Ref Will
1st +1 +2 +0 +2 Outfit, Hero's Stuff 1
2nd +2 +3 +0 +3 Signature Attack (B) 1
3rd +3 +3 +1 +3 Quick Change 2
4th +4 +4 +1 +4 Signature Attack (B-Side) 2
5th +5 +4 +1 +4 Assume Form 3
6th +6 +5 +2 +5 Signature Attack (B-Up) 3
7th +7 +5 +2 +5 Buttfer 4
8th +8 +6 +2 +6 Signature Attack (B-Down) 4
9th +9 +6 +3 +6 What is it for? 5
10th +10 +7 +3 +7 Final Smash 5

Class Skills (<-skill points-> + Int modifier per level)
<-list of class skills->.

Outfit (Ex): The Costumed Hero is capable of changing outfits and adopting a new personality in order to emulate one of his favourite heroes. At first level, the Costumed Hero can choose a single outfit from the list of Outfits. The Costumed Hero takes 5 minutes in order to change into a different outfit. Whenever wearing an Outfit, the Costumed Hero gains the special ability given by the Outfit. The Costmed Hero gains another outfit at every odd level. All Signature Attack attacks are dependant on the current outfit worn.

Hero's Blade (Su): While in an outfit, the Costumed Hero becomes proficient in the weapon that the outfit is described as wearing. If the Costumed Hero is wielding a weapon that is not the outfit's described weapon, then it changes into the described weapon (keeping all weapon properties, any property that cannot be applied to the new weapon type must be altered to a similar weapon quality (Keen -> Impact)). If the Costumed Hero does not wield a weapon, however, he gains a masterwork version of the weapon that the Outfit has.

Signature Attack: Each outfit has a number of Signature Attacks. These are famous attacks that the heroes the Costumed Hero has not just learnt from careful reading of the hero's stories; but mastered. At every even leve up to 8th, they gain access to one of the signature attacks of an outfit they're wearing. The Costumed Hero must wait one round after using a Signature Attack before he can use another.

Quick Change (Ex): Changing outfits takes a full-round action, instead of 5 minutes.

Assume Form (Su): As a standard action, the Costumed Hero can morph his shape to take upon the form of the Outfit's hero, gaining their physical abilities (strength, dexterity and constitution) and size. The Costumed Hero also gains a +10 to disguise while in this form. This effect lasts for 1 round per class level. This can be dismissed as a free action. This is a polymorph effect.

- (Ex/Su/Sp): ???

Final Smash (Ex): The greatest power a hero can aspire to is the Final Smash ability; a powerful attack that takes a powerful amount of energy in order take the enemy down. At 10th level, the Costumed Hero gains the ability to use his current outfit's Final Smash ability once per encounter. Nevermind how many times the Costumed Hero changes costume, he can only use a Final Smash ability once per encounter.


Chargable Attacks: Chargable Attacks: A chargable attack requires you to take a standard action before hand to charge your attack. Chargable attacks also have a non-charge option. Some attacks may require charging and will offer no non-charge option.

Multiround Attacks: A multiround attack spans over 3 rounds, instead of a single action. A multiround action takes 1 full-round action and two standard actions. Starting On the round that you initate the action, the next round is taken up entirely by the action and the next round's standard action is consumed (Essentially using a Standard - Full-round - Standard idea). You cannot make any movements while in a multiround attack (although you can before you initate the attack on the first round and after you finish the attack on the third round)


  • Special: Natural Armor +4
  • Weapon: Claws and a Bite (evenly divide your enchantment bonuses between two claws and a bite attack)
  • Armor: Spiked Turtle Shield
  • Assume Form Abilties: Large, Speed 20ft, Str 26, Dex 12, Con 20
  • B: Breath of Fire (Su) - Bowser could breathe a stream of devestating fire. As a standard action, you can use a breath weapon to breathe fire in a 30ft. cone. This deals 1d6 per class level in fire damage. Half this damage is from a physical source and not subject to fire resistance or immunity.
  • B-Side: Omnomnom (Ex) - Bowser could latch onto his opponents and then devour them whole. By spending a swift action, you can act as though having the Improved Grab special quality for the round.
  • B-Up: Shell-Spin (Ex) - Bowser could withdraw within his shell and cause mass devestation through quick spins that would fling his enemies writhing in pain. As a full-round action, you may withdraw to within your shell and make a single claw attack. This attack counts against all enemies adjacent to you. Anyone hit is dealt 3d6 + your strength modifier damage. You also gain a +8 bonus to your natural armor, which lasts until the start of your next turn. While withdrawn, you cannot move nor make attacks of opportunity. You gain a +4 on ability checks against bull rushing.
  • B-Down: Butt-Slam (Ex): Bowser could jump high into the air over his enemies and bring down the full brunt of his body to his enemy. You may make a jump check against an adjacent creature's AC. If you succeed, you pile down onto the creature and crush them beneath your bulk. They take slam damage for a creature of your size + twice your strength modifier. You may move into any square adjacent to the creature. You are both prone.
  • Final Smash: Giga Bowser (Su) - Bowser could channel all his firey powers into one massive last gambit; the Giga Bowser. By channeling all his raw power, Bowser would enlarge himself and cause widespread and wanton destruction, as though singlemindedly raging. You can enter the Giga Bowser state as a swift action. Doing so increases your size by one category and you gain all bonuses and penalties that apply. You become immune to fear effects and gain a +4 on Will saves vs compulsion effects. This is a rage effect. This state lasts for 1 round per class level.


  • Special: Whenever wielding a weapon, it has the Collision special quality on it.
  • Weapon: Bastard Sword
  • Armor: Breastplate
  • Assume Form Abilities: Medium, Speed 30ft, Str 20, Dex 18, Con 16
  • B: Eruption (Su) - [Chargable] - By focusing the spiritual fire through into his blade, Ike could set his blade ablaze and cause widespread carnage. The non-charged attack is activated as a swift action. All attacks until your next turn deal +2d6 fire damage. However, by charging, you can, as a standard action, unleash a powerful blast wave. All enemies in adjacent squares to you are dealt weapon damage + 2d6 fire damage and you can make a bull rush attempt against all enemies hit by the blast wave.
  • B-Side: Quick-Draw (Ex) - [Chargable] - Through careful and subtle concentration, Ike could make such quick cuts; his enemies were left beguiled. The non-charged attack is a swift action that causes all your enemies to be considered flat-footed against all your attacks this round. However, by charging the attack, you can move upto your speed and make a single attack roll. For every square you enter, you may make an attack using the attack roll against a single enemy you threaten. This movement does not provoke any attacks of opportunity.
  • B-Up: Aether (Su) - Ike is well known for throwing his enemy into the air and then bringing down his wrath upon the airborne foe. As a standard action, you make an attack against a single creature within range. When it hits, the creature must make a fortitude save or be thrown 1d6x10ft into the air. You jump into the air and make a second attack against the creature. If it hits, the creature is thrust down towards the floor, taking appropriate falling damage. If some obstacle prevents the subject creature from reaching it's expelled height, he takes 1d6 damage for every 10ft of movement it was unable to complete. You do not take falling damage for this attack. You may move you and your target creature upto 5ft in any direction. If the second attack fails, you also take fall damage and are disarmed, your weapon landing adjacent to you.
  • B-Down: Counter (Ex) - Ike could ready himself against an attack to such a degree that not only does he negate the damage done against him; he turns it on his enemy. As an immediate action, you can force any melee attack that would have missed you to hit your attacker instead. Alternatively, you can ready an action to counter a melee attack. If the attack hits you, you may negate all damage done to you and deal it to your attacker instead.
  • Final Smash: Greater Aether (Su) - Ike could empower himself fully with the divine flames that he sought to represent; turning his aether attack into a Great Aether attack. As a full-round action, you may make an aether attack against all enemies adjacent to you. This attack deals +4d6 fire damage on all attacks.


  • Special: Gain a +20ft enhancement bonus to speed.
  • Weapon: Longsword
  • Armor: Padded
  • Assume Form Abilties: Medium, Speed 40ft, Str 18, Dex 20, Con 14
  • B: Shield Breaker (Ex) - Marth could swipe his foe at such a precise point, that it completely bypassed any armour that his enemy was wielding. As a standard action, you may make an attack as a touch attack.
  • B-Side: Dancing Blade (Ex) - [Multiround] - Marth could put an enemy within a relentless flurry of attacks, designed to lock him in a torrent of blows that kept getting stronger and stronger. As a standard action, you may activate this multiround attack, allowing you to make four attacks over the course of the rounds, but only against a single enemy. In the first round, you make a single attack against the enemy. In the second round, you make two attacks agaisnt the enemy. The first attack is made as though you had a strength two points higher and the second is made as though you had a strength four points higher. In the third round, you make a final attack as though you had a strength six points higher. While this ability is active, neither you nor the enemy can move; but only you are able to attack him. Neither he nor you can makees attacks of opportunity while this ability is active.
  • B-Up: Dolphin Slash (Ex) - Marth could leap into the air, thrusting his blade and cutting those that scorned him. As a standard action, you make an attack against anyone within reach. If the attack hits, you jump off the ground and deal damage equal to a jump check (instead of weapon damage).
  • B-Down: Counter (Ex) - Marth could ready himself against an attack to such a degree that not only does he negate the damage done against him; he turns it on his enemy. As an immediate action, you can force any melee attack that would have missed you to hit your attacker instead. Alternatively, you can ready an action to counter a melee attack. If the attack hits you, you may negate all damage done to you and deal it to your attacker instead.
  • Final Smash: Critical Hit (Ex) - [Charged] - Marth was able to unleash a channeled strike with such power and ferocity, that it was devestating to those that it hit. You must spend one round charging this ability. As a full-round action, you can dash upto double your landspeed to attack anyone (you can fly over obstacle like water, lava or a hole, but must end up in a square you can stand in) within range. You must end your movement in a free square. The attack you make is made with a +1 to attack for every square you moved through. You do not provoke attacks of opportunity for this movement. If the attack hits, it is an automatical critical hit. Furthermore, you can make a free bull rush attempt against the enemy you hit with a +1 modifier for every 10 points of damage you do.


  • Special: Gain Two-Weapon Fighting and the Marksman feat.
  • Weapon: Bowblade
  • Armor: Breastplate
  • Assume Form Abilities: Medium, Speed 40ft, Str 16, Dex 20, Con 16
  • B: Palutna's Arrow (Su) - [Chargable] - Pit could fire divine arrows from his bow, seeking all those that would do harm to the world and snuffing out their lifeforce. If the attack is not charged, you may, as a standard action, fire an arrow made entirely out divine energy. This arrow is a +1 Axiomatic Holy Disrupting arrow that deals force damage. However, by charging the attack, you can fire a similar arrow that deals double damage (as per the rules on multiplying damage).
  • B-Side: Angel Ring (Ex) - Pit could use his mighty bowblade to tear into his enemies by spinning it through his enemy's body. As a full-round attack action, you can make a full-attack against a single creature within range. For this special attack, you gain one additional attack per attack you already have. These attacks are at the attack bonus that they replicate. For example, with a base attack bonus of +10, you would gain an attack routine of +10/+10/+5/+5.
  • B-Up: Wings of Icarus (Ex) - While Pit was not fully capable of flight, he could imbue himself with the power to fly for perfectly for a short period of time. By using a swift action, you gain a flight speed of 40ft (Perfect) and the Hover feat (except you are treated as large for purposes of creating a cloud) for a number of rounds equal to your class level. Furthermore, any creature smaller than you must make a strength check against you or be blown back 10ft for every 5 it loses by.
  • B-Down: Mirror Shield (Su) - ???
  • Final Smash: Divine Assistance (Sp) - Pit was so influential with the gods above, he could ask their intervention and they would rain down a horde of angels to aid him. You can initate this ability as a standard action. When activated, two one-way portals appear nearby in which Astral Devas may fly through. This ability lasts for 2d6 rounds. Every round, you may use a swift action to summon two Astral Devas from the portals to aid you. They appear and act after your turn. They will either attack or buff, as to your commands. At the end of their turn, they disappear.


  • Special: +1d6 Sneak Attack. While in the Metaknight outfit, the Costumed Hero class stacks with Rogue levels for purposes of Improved Uncanny Dodge. You are also treated as though two levels higher for the purposes of flanking.
  • Weapon: Longsword
  • Armor: Breastplate
  • Assume Form Abilties: Medium, Speed 30ft, Str 16, Dex 20, Con 18
  • B: Mach Tornado (Ex) - Metaknight could spin with such ferocity that all those around him were hit by his attack. As a full-round action, you may make a single attack against each opponent within reach. Roll one attack roll and compare it to each avilable opponent's AC individually.
  • B-Side: Drill Rush (Ex) - Metaknight was capable of spinning into an attack with such speed and power, he could literally drill his opponents. As a standard action, you can initate a bull rush attempt as though charging against anyone within 10ft of you. If you win the bull rush attempt, for every 10 feet you push him back, you can make an attack against him. You can move upto twice your speed with this attempt. If you hit a wall, your opponent takes 1d6 per 5ft remaining of the movement intsead.
  • B-Up: Shuttle Loop (Ex) - Metaknight could launch himself in a round loop, hitting two enemies in a single bound. As a full-round action, you may strike an enemy adjacent to you. After, you may make a jump check to move in any direction. When landing, you may make a single attack against anyone adjacent to the square you land in. You make the attack as though the enemy is flat-footed.
  • B-Down: Dimeonsional Cape (Su) - Metaknight could make an attack and suddenly vanish, reappearing nearby. As a standard action, you may make a single attack against an enemies flat-footed AC and then teleport anywhere up to your speed. You must end the teleport in a free space. You can also use this ability as an immediate action, but you do not make an attack while using it.
  • Final Smash: Galaxia Darkness (Su) - By flicking his cloak out, Metaknight could shroud the entire area around him in darkness. Anyone shrouded in the darkness, would be struck all once. You create magical darkness out to a 30ft radius. You can make a single touch attack against every enemy within the magical darkness. If an enemy does not have the ability to see in magical darkness, then they are also flat-footed. If you were previously a Rogue, your Costumed Hero levels stack with your Rogue levels for determining Sneak Attack.