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The Adventurer[edit]

Essentially, this is a template class for creating something similar to Elothar, Warrior of Bladereach.
This one time, I was just happily taking a stroll and suddenly I saw all these creepy people trying to enact the Rites of Lloth. Oh man, did that take me back to the old days. So, I went over and educate them on what they were doing wrong and, man, were they pissed! They started trying to make me a sacrice. So, I busted out the moves that Old Man Kara told me upon High Lake Polkin and hardcore kicked them in with the fabled ol' Facekicker.
—Slightly Younger then Old Man Kira Mike

The Adventurer has been there. He's done that. He has a slew of tales about of adventures. Instead of being tied down to some boring progression of 'learn this, learn that' and become one of those sheep, the Adventurer gains knowledge through experience, learning his craft through the forges of survival and learning the proper way to unleash all kinds of hurt upon his opponent. Because what he needs is just one extra tale to spin at the tavern.

Table: The Adventurer

Hit Die: *

Level Base
Attack Bonus
Saving Throws Special
Fort Ref Will
1st * * * * All Shapes And Sizes, Defined By Experience, This One Time...
2nd * * * * Defined By Experience
3rd * * * * Defined By Experience
4th * * * * Defined By Experience
5th * * * * Defined By Experience
6th * * * * Defined By Experience
7th * * * * Defined By Experience
8th * * * * Defined By Experience
9th * * * * Defined By Experience
10th * * * * Defined By Experience
11th * * * * Defined By Experience
12th * * * * Defined By Experience
13th * * * * Defined By Experience
14th * * * * Defined By Experience
15th * * * * Defined By Experience
16th * * * * Defined By Experience
17th * * * * Defined By Experience
18th * * * * Defined By Experience
19th * * * * Defined By Experience
20th * * * * Defined By Experience

Class Skills: * (* + Int modifier per level, ×4 at 1st level)

Class Features[edit]

Table 1-2: Property Levels
Property Paragon Good Average Poor Abysmal
HD d12 d10 d8 d6 d4
BAB Full
+1 Bonus
Full Medium Poor Poor
-1 Penalty
Skill Points 10 8 6 4 2
Saves Good
+1 Bonus
Good Medium Poor Poor
-1 Penalty

All Shapes and Sizes: An Adventurer can be anyone, from a lowly weak peasant to a big strong guy in shining armour attempting to fulfill every cliché they can. They have no format training in how to deal with pain, instead they learn. How to wield a sword? They may have learnt by watching a rat flail around a piece of celery, who knows? But the fact of the matter is that nearly all Adventurers are different. Instead of having set class properties, like Size of HD, BAB progression, Save Progressions and Number of Skill Points, the adventurer gets to pick and choose depending on what they're like. They get 2 Good Points, 2 Average Points and 2 Poor Points, which they can use to allocate the class properties into one of the follow categories: Paragon, Good, Average, Poor and Abysmal. Table 1-2: Property Categories shows what each type of point does to each of the properties. An Adventurer may shift a point up one level (Good to Paragon) if they move another point down one level (Average to Poor).

An Adventurer automatically gets the following skills as class skills: Bluff, Craft and Profession. Also, they can choose a number of class skills equal to their skill points per level. They cannot choose Diplomacy, Iajitsu Focus, Speak Language or Use Magic Device as class skills.

The bonuses and penalties given by the Paragon and Abysmal categories for BAB and Saves are typed competence.

Defined By Experience: The Adventurer doesn't follow any set progression of skills or abilities, instead he learns things. Important things. These things can easily be summed up as experiences. Every level, an Adventurer gains a Major Experience Technique and a Minor Experience Technique.

This One Time... (Ex): So, this one time, at a Tavern, an Adventurer spun a tale. The Adventurer is highly adept at spinning tales especially of their own adventures. Even the most modest of Adventurers may partake in telling their story of daring-do and cunning. An Adventurer gains a +2 competence bonus to Perform (Ortary). For every two levels above the first, an Adventurer gains a further +1 competence bonus to Perform (Ortary).

Experience Techniques[edit]

The Adventurer is often defined by what he knows; either through training, learning on the battlefield or through things just happening to them in a way that helps them learn or gain new skills and powers. In such, an Experience Technique is not an actual defined quantity but something that is learnt over the time spent adventuring.

Experience Techniques do not have limits and they do not have predefined templates and restrictions to use; instead they are intended to be a tool for the player to created and design their own abilities based on either what is happening in the campaign.