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Feat Concepts[edit]

Expand these ideas to be feat worthy, or figure out a skill trick purchase system that doesn't make me cry

  • Appraiser's Eye - use appraisal modifier in place of perception modifiers to do discernment
  • Deft Hands - Use legerdemain to fool touch senses. New sense DC = legerdemain check + base perception DC of touch event (so it's hard to hide a greatsword shanking)
  • Practiced Transfigurations - Maintain additional selections equal to your ranks in transformation
  • Feat - Allow undead knowledge with thaumaturgy (and possibly rename theurgy).
  • Feat - Allow aberration knowledge with geomancy.
  • Feat - Allow <something> knowledge with arcana.

Shadowy Retriever [ToP Skill] The shortest path between two points is through their shadows. Benefits: This is a skill feat intended for use with the Tome of Prowess. It scales with your ranks in Legerdemain.

  • 4 ranks:
  • 9 ranks: You can shift items through shadows, increasing the distance
  • 14 ranks: You can shift items into the plane of shadows.
  • 19 ranks:

Empty Acrobat [ToP Skill] ' Benefits: This is a skill feat intended for use with the Tome of Prowess. It scales with your ranks in Acrobatics.

  • 4 ranks: You are only flat-footed when the DC of a surface exceeds your ranks by 16, not by 12.
  • 9 ranks: flight of some sort. You are not moved by winds, regardless of strength, unless you want to be. If you do allow yourself to be moved by winds, you never suffer damage from them and always land on your feet when you want to. You suffer no penalties to melee fighting as a result of winds, though your ranged attacks are affected normally.
  • 14 ranks: Balance on rays ability, since it's coming out of the base skill
  • 19 ranks: something else.

Unflinching [ToP Skill] Suck it up, it's just a short swim across a death ray shark filled pool of acid... Benefits: This is a skill feat intended for use with the Tome of Prowess. It scales with your ranks in Endurance.

  • 4 ranks: When subject to an effect that would leave you sickened, nauseated, fatigued, exhausted, or unconscious, you may use your endurance bonus in place of the normal save bonus. You still fail if you roll a 1. Additionally, you suffer no penalty from sleeping in medium or heavy armor.
  • 9 ranks: Any ongoing damage you suffer from being subject to an acid arrow, swimming in lava, or similar circumstance is reduced by your endurance bonus. This reduction occurs before any energy resistance or damage reduction is applied.
  • 14 ranks: Something useful.
  • 19 ranks: Something useful.

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