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Complete Alchemy - An Alchemic Revision (3.5 Sourcebook)[edit]

An overhaul designed to replace the "Spell-in-a-Bottle" system that Alchemy takes in vanilla D&D 3.5. Potions in D&D 3.5 take the form of Spells contained in a Flask, for my personal taste I don't imagine an Alchemist sitting down at a table and thinking "I would like to create a potion of 'Cure Light Wounds'." Realistically they should be aware of what Reagents will contribute what effects to a potion, and think about the end goal, and what components would result in this. With the existence of Wands, Staves, Scrolls, and outright Magic users, the necessity for a Fourth source of Pocket-Spells is rendered largely redundant. Think of how often you'd use a Potion over a Wand or a Scroll. The Goal of this revision is to remake Alchemy into something that can stand on its own, granting useful effects while being accessible and something that players may want to use in tandem with existing sources of magic.

The Question of Balance.

I have no idea how this will impact your game as a whole, depending on how conservatively or liberally you allow Reagents to be bought or found it could get out of hand extremely quickly, or be kept relatively tame for quite a while. As the system's methods for calculating the difficulty of creating a Potion act as a level based limiter, higher damage and more complex potions are only accessible to higher level players. If using the traditional Level+3 Limit for the Craft (Alchemy) skill some of the example Higher End creations, such as the Toxin Fleshrot, are out of reach until roughly Level 16, and even then all but require a Natural 20 to create, becoming easier as you get higher and higher.



Complete Alchemy
Alchemy and Herbalism
Alchemy vs Herbalism
Alchemy Notes

Chapter 1: Potions Catalog

Potion Creation DC
Creation Time
Potion Duration
Potion Effects
Error Chance
Flukes and Flaws
Dilution and Concentration
Alchemist Kits
Potion List
Special Alchemical Items

Chapter 2: Mortis Alchemia

Toxin Creation DC
Creation Time
Toxin Duration
Toxicity Rating and Toxin Effects
Toxin Save DC
Error Chance
Flukes and Flaws
Dilution and Concentration
Poison List
Venom List
Toxin List

Chapter 3: Reagents Compendium

Reagent Rarity
Reagent Environments
Reagent Harvesting
Reagent Format
Reagents List

Chapter 4: Related Revisions

Revised Feats
Revised Spells
Revised Equipment and Items

Chapter 5: Converted Venom

Venom Adaption Formula
Monster Manual 1 Venom
Monster Manual 2 Venom
Monster Manual 3 Venom
Monster Manual 4 Venom
Monster Manual 5 Venom

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