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Revised Feats[edit]

Due to the extensive changes this system employs, previously existing feats relating to Alchemy no longer Fully Fit. Poisons suffer from this primarily, requiring the Revision of Poison related feats. While I used the Wayback Machine to access the Arsenic and Old Lace handbook on the Brilliant Gameologists forum, I don't know that the feats they provided related to poison are all of the poison related feats, and have only adapted some of the ones found there. In most cases its a minor change to specify the new terminology, however a few have been reworked, or removed. This is not a copy-paste of all the Feats in the Old Arsenic and Lace section, only an adaption of some. Any not listed, feel free to either adapt yourself, or just remove, as the ones that I ignored seemed either redundant or just didn't fit anymore.

Alchemy Related Feats

  • Grenadier : +1 to Attack with Splash Weapons, +1 to Damage/Round to any Alchemy based weapons.
  • Mad Alchemist : A Feat removed as some of its function is subsumed by the Alchemy products themselves.

Amazingly this was almost all that I could find related to Alchemy itself that weren't directly poison related.

Poison Related Feats

  • Master of Poisons : Apply Venom as a swift Action without provoking attacks of Opportunity, never risk Poisoning yourself.
  • Poison Expert : Choose either Poison or Venom, Raise the DC of the chosen Toxin type by 1 when you use them.
  • Poison Master : Requires Poison Expert; The chosen Toxin type gains an additional +1 Damage/Round.
  • Poison Specialization : Requires 5+ Ranks in Alchemy (Grade 2 Alchemist in ToP) Choose Venom or Poison, whenever you create a poison of the chosen type the Fortitude DC to resist the Toxin increases by +2.
  • Poison Healer : You heal Damage equal to your Constitution Modifier each time you make a Fortitude Save against the Toxin you're afflicted with.
  • Favored : Choose a Skill from your guild, gain +2 on all Checks made with that skill.
  • Special Dispensation : Due to association with a guild, you're allowed Special Exception to the legalities with certain items. Note that it is largely up to a DM to determine what can be made an exception through this method, some places may not even outlaw toxins to begin with, while some may not allow exceptions for substances such as that.
  • Animal Devotion : Feat works as normal for the most part, the Serpent Strike has been changed in nature however, fitting with the structure that Venoms take. In summary, it delivers 1 Damage to Health for 1 round, and 1 Damage to Constitution. The Fortitude Save to Resist this is 10+Your Character Level.
  • Lolth's Caress : Spend a Rebuke undead Attempt to speed the effects of a Toxin, Toxin-affected entities in the area now take Toxin damage twice per turn, Halving the Duration of the toxin in return. They can only be sped up like this Once.
  • Poison Spell : Can envenom your hand and deliver it as part of a touch spell, the touched individual is both the target of the touch spell and the venom used.
  • Skill Focus (Alchemy) : Grant +3 to All Alchemy Checks.
  • Exceptional Artisan : Reduce overall Alchemy Creation Time by 25%. Round appropriately if necessary.
  • Extraordinary Artisan : Reduce Reagent requirements by 1/6th. Example: A Flame Flask with 6 Ignus Flower, 3 Fire Damage/Round over its Duration. With this Feat, the same creation would only require 5 Ignus Flower to achieve the same results.
  • Venomous Strike : Requires +2d6 Sneak Attack Damage. Sacrifice 1d6 Sneak Attack Damage to grant +2 to the Save DC of your Venom.
  • Ability Focus (Poison) : For Creatures with their own Venomous attacks, Increase the Save DC by +2.

Revised Spells[edit]

The Primary change in place is that creation spells heavily upset this system by granting access to reagents for Free in a technically unlimited quantity. To this end, the spells are slightly amended when regarding Alchemy.

  • Minor and Major Creation are both typically useless for Alchemy, as the duration of the created materials is unlikely to last long enough due to the brewing times for Alchemy. Herbalists can achieve more benefit as creation times in herbalism are short, application is short, and duration is almost instant. Minor Creation is capable of creating Common Reagents, while Major creation may make Uncommon Reagents.
  • True Creation is perhaps the most useful, in that it allows you to permanently create common and uncommon reagents, but not any higher in Rarity, allowing for their use in Alchemy.
  • Fabricate cannot turn Reagents into other Reagents, nor can it turn mundane vegetation into Reagents.

None of the listed spells can create or transmute Alchemic Potions and Poisons into Other Potions and Poisons. I use different rules for the way that the Wish Spell Functions, so its up to DM discretion whether or not the Wish spell is capable of producing Alchemical Reagents or Potions/Poisons.

  • Plant Growth becomes a viable spell when cultivating reagents, as it can be used to accelerate their growth and the production of Reagents. When properly cultivated, a Herbalist can reliably gain Reagents equal to normal Harvest Quantities based on Rarity. Plant Growth can be cast upon the Reagents being Cultivated, and the effect depends on the specific casting.
  • Overwgrowth will grow One Extra Die's worth of of Reagents and Finish Growth Instantly, the die used is determined by the rarity. Casting this puts a strain on the Reagents however, and it is treated as though it had the Diminish Plants, Stunt Growth Spell cast upon it, slowing its production to half the normal rate for one Growth Cycle. After a single Growth Cycle is over, their cultivation rate will return to normal. If Used Twice, the Growth is considered to "Wear out" the plant, rendering it useless as it will no longer grow worthwhile reagents.
  • Enrichment slightly speeds the growth cycle without straining the plant, a single casting improves the growth rate by 25%, shortening the growth cycle by a proportionate amount. A reagent that takes a Week to grow will only require Five Days, a Reagent that takes Two weeks will only take Ten days, etc.
  • Poison is a unique example of a Converted Venom. Save DC16+Caster Level, 5 Round Duration, 10 Damage/Round, 2 Constitution Damage. It becomes a fairly powerful spell due to its scaling DC and good damage. It is accessible to Druids at Level 5, having a DC of 21, and grows to a DC of 36 by 20th Level.
  • Toxic Tongue is another Adapted venom with minor changes to the spell itself. As a Venom, spitting it at the foe is all but useless unless you were to successfully spit it into an open wound. It can be argued that simply spitting onto an Injured Enemy will accomplish this. The spit Form in the original version of the spell has different properties than the version, something that makes no sense to me, thus, properties are listed for the weapon-applied version and can be considered for the spit version as well. Save DC 14+Caster Level, 3 Round Duration, 6 Damage/Round, 2 Constitution Damage. Similar to the Poison spell above, this spell has value for its scaling DC and good damage.

Revised Equipment and Items[edit]

Similar to the above sections, equipment items requires a bit of revision to fit the revised system.

  • Chaos Flask and Shapesand : Neither of these items is capable of producing either Reagents or Potions produced with this system. They otherwise work as normal, and can be used to create alchemic equipment if desired.
  • Mister : A mister turns Vanilla Poisons into an inhaled ranged attack with a DC15 Reflex check to avoid. This works normally, but the inhaled poisons must be poison classed, not venoms.
  • Collar of Venom : Works as a Converted Venom. DC 16, 5 Round Duration, 10 Damage/Round, 2 Constitution Damage.
  • Virulent Collar of Venom : As above, however it has a Unique +5 Bonus to DC. Normally this is a +10, however it is a particularly potent venom, and a higher DC could be considered Too powerful.
  • Poison Fangs : Treated as a Converted Venom. DC 14+Character Level, 3 Round Duration, 6 Damage/Round, 2 Con Damage.
  • Arrow of Biting : Treated as a Converted Venom. DC 14, 3 Round Duration, 6 Damage/Round, 2 Con Damage.
  • Toxic Gloves : Treated as a Converted Venom. DC 14, 3 Round Duration, 6 Damage/Round, 2 Con Damage.
  • Spider Rod : Treated as a Converted Venom. DC 16, 5 Round Duration, 10 Damage/Round, 2 Con Damage.
  • Oil Chamber : Works as normal, some were under the impression that it would let you aerosolize a poison similar to a mister, the text references spraying the oil (or Venom) onto the weapon.
  • Weapon Capsule Retainer and Triple Capsule Retainer : Allows you to store Venom inside of a weapon. While it's implied that you can stack up to 3 Venoms at once with this, this isn't the case here, the victim of a Toxin may only suffer from a single Toxin at a given time. This does allow for very quick "reloading" however.
  • Assassination Weapons : This enhancement adds 1d6 Sneak Attack Damage against Flat Footed and Flanked Opponents, in addition, you have no risk of poisoning yourself when applying Venom to an Assassination weapon. This adds to the Save DC by +1 per level of Enhancement Bonus the weapon has.
  • Venomous Weapons : This is treated as a Converted Venom. The Venom that a Venomous weapon produces has the following properties: Save DC 13, 2 Round Duration, 4 Damage/Round, 2 Strength Damage.
  • Virulent Weapons : This Enhancement applies Twice as much damage per turn from a Toxin, however it Halves the Duration in exchange.
  • Toxic : The Venom applied to a weapon lasts for Two Hits instead of 1 as normal. While you cannot apply Two doses of a Venom like this, it lasts for longer, and allows a second attempt at delivery.