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Intense Ignorance of the 5e System[edit]

Chapter 3: "Convert Energy Damage is just a bad copy and paste of a 3.5e power; or whyyyyyyyy?"

We can skip over the normal drill of the boring and normal rubbish about how 5e doesn't have a Range of close, nor does it increase the amount of the duration based on "manifester level" whatever that bullshit is in 5e. Oh, oh! There's no Sonic damage in 5e, so that's important to note as well. This is just the minimum effort copy and paste job. If you actually started putting effort into things - or at least make it look like you are putting effort into things - I think that people might be more inclined to treat you better because you'd be showing actual respect to the system that you're inserting this garbage into.

I'm not saying garbage because I dislike you - which I do - but I'm saying garbage because this is actually just that. It is not a good article, it is hastily written, and I dare say that I've spent more time writing this actual reply on this talk page than you actually spent making this article. Urgh, I'd say let's get into this at this point, but really... I don't want to? There is no good way for this to go.

So, yeah. Er, reactions require a trigger, otherwise I can just cast this for funsies, I suppose. Go look at spells that have a casting time of reaction to see that they have a *trigger* for their cast. --TK-Squared (talk) 03:25, 12 June 2019 (MDT)