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Hey, I just wanted to welcome you to the Wiki! I've seen your stuff at the Giant in the Playground forums and was always a big fan! --AuraTwilight

Class Ideas[edit]

Aberrant: essentially a psionic warlock. Ideally I want to work with it in three ways: one, to cleverly introduce the idea of attack and defense modes but without the horrible mess that's psionic combat. Second, to bring the ties of psionic aberrations, particularly the Aboleth and the Illithid, but Beholder|Beholders, Grell, Neogi and Tsochari are fair play as well. Third, I want to deal with mutations in the same vein as Aberrant feats (perhaps giving them free Aberrant feats?), running down a "mutant" vein akin to what the Impure Prince from Eberron pulls out.

Any ideas? Like, not like? Class would be Rogue/High balance point, as always.

Inspiration from Mindscourge homebrew class.

Prospective Class Features[edit]

Psionics (Ps): An aberrant’s psionic ability is unlike that of many other manifesters. While other manifesters have a breadth of powers at their disposal, aberrants only have a growing psionic potential they manifest upon a few powers. However, they have the ability to develop these psionic potential in a very distinct way.
A 1st level aberrant has access to a series of psionic powers; which are divided into attack modes and defense modes. Both are considered psi-like abilities for purposes of what spells, powers and abilities affect them. This grants aberrants a manifester level for all psi-like abilities learned by means of this class equal to its class level.
Attack Modes: attack modes are offensive psionic powers naturally augmented by the aberrant. An aberrant may make use of these attack modes at will; these powers often directly affect their opponent’s mind, albeit psionic creatures have a better defense than non-psionic creatures. Unless otherwise indicated, an attack mode deals one die of damage at 1st level, and an extra dice of damage every two levels after the first. If the attack mode requires a saving throw, its DC is equal to 10 + the attack mode’s effective power level + the aberrant’s Charisma modifier. The table above indicates how many attack modes does the aberrant has access to based on its class level. (table is mostly done; start with 1-2 modes, end up with 8 modes total)

(In essence: attack modes are the aberrant's main combat method. They are psi-like abilities, thus they're automatically augmented, but up to the aberrant's manifester level. The aberrant lacks a specific at-will attack like the warlock's eldritch blast, however. Not all of the attack modes deal damage; some deal status effects, as the warlock's essence invocations.)

Prospective Attack Modes[edit]

Least Attack Modes
Allure - as psionic charm power
Demoralize - as demoralize power
Disturbing Vision - send a vision that sickens the enemy
Electric Grasp - as shocking grasp spell, but deals greater damage and also stuns the enemy
Hallucinate - causes a creature to become fascinated with environment
Mental Drain - exhausts user's mind; deals PP damage or exhaustion
Mind Thrust - as mind thrust power
Psychic Missiles - as magic missile spell

Lesser Attack Modes
Blinder - psionically impair enemies' sight methods
Cold Ray - as energy ray (cold) power
Enslave - as psionic dominate power, or the aboleth's enslave ability
Evil Eye - as bestow curse spell, except mind-affecting
Inflict Pain - wracks a creature with physical pain
Heat Ray - as energy ray (fire) power
Neural Disruption - causes Dexterity damage and temporarily slows target
Shocking Ray - as energy ray (electricity) power
Sonic Blast - as energy ray (sonic) power, plus deafens target
Telekinetic Technique - as telekinetic maneuver, except using Charisma

Greater Attack Modes
Deadly Fever - target takes fire damage, becomes confused
Disintegrating Gaze - as the psionic disintegrate power
Ectoplasmic Tentacles - as Evard's black tentacles spell, except tentacles are made of ectoplasm
Invoke Lightning - calls lightning from the sky
Mind Blast - as the mind flayer's mind blast ability
Nightmare Killer - as the Phantasmal Killer spell
Psychic Shockwave - pushes back all enemies and deals force damage

Aberrant Attack Modes
Crystallization - as the crystallize power, except cannot be dispelled easily.
Death Sentence - implant a lethal suggestion
Psychic Implosion - immediately replicate the effect of an implosion spell

Defense Modes: defense modes are defensive psionic powers used as a response to another aberrant’s attack mode, or can be used to counter enemy attacks. Defense modes are used in one of two ways: they may either be used as an immediate action (granting an effect that lasts until the aberrant’s next turn), or as a free action outside the aberrant’s turn as a response to an attack mode. If using a defense mode as an immediate action, the aberrant is considered to use the indicated defense mode against any other aberrant’s attack modes; if the aberrant uses it as a response to another attack mode, the aberrant only applies the benefit regarding attack modes, but may use as many defense modes as it desires.

(Defense Modes are not limited to defending against attack modes. They can be used as immediate action defensive abilities, or as free action defenses against attack modes. Through a class feature called Psionic Combat Specialization, defense modes will get some boosts, probably including an extension, or the chance of using two defense modes as part of the same action. Ideally, a defense mode grants a bonus to saving throws against all attack modes based on the effective power level, but some defense modes may entirely negate the effect of some attack modes; i.e., a defense mode that negates energy damage will entirely negate the effect of Electric Grasp.)

Anomalies: (nothing written yet)

(Anomalies would act as warlock invocations, powering what wouldn't count as an attack mode, defense mode or mutation. Currently a placeholder if attack modes, defense modes and mutations end up covering all of my needs)

Mutations (Ex) (nothing written yet)

(Mutations are physical alterations of the aberrant, ranging from tentacle attacks, a boost to natural armor, the ability to transform, emit acid and other stuff. Because they are physical alterations to the aberrant, they are not deactivated as part of an antimagic field or dead magic zone; however, they might add a minor drawback. Mutations are permanent and may not be changed. They also have to be way better than what you can get with Aberrant feats, which may be added as bonus feats.)

Maneuver Additions[edit]

Just FYI, this page with all the maneuvers is showing the author block and breadcrumb for most of the maneuvers because you're missing a </onlyinclude> after the close of the template. You should probably not remove it from the preload for any new ones you add and may want to go back and add them to the ones already uploaded (and then edit/save or "use the dropdown refresh" to update the list cache so they show properly). - Tarkisflux Talk 02:11, 15 July 2013 (UTC)

Thanks for the clarification. I was wondering why they didn't appear, and I thought the tag didn't worked. Fixed that real quick. T.G. Oskar (talk) 02:36, 15 July 2013 (UTC)