Variant Leadership (3.5e Feat)

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Author: Eiji-kun (talk)
Date Created: 2-24-10
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Variant Leadership [General] Prerequisites: Character level 6thBenefit: You gain the followers of the leadership feat, but do not gain a cohort. Instead you gain a "contact" who is an extra follower who is half your level (minimum level 1). Like other followers your contact does not typically join you in adventures, rather the contact's main purpose is to work as an intermediary between you and your followers, as well as take care of general business while the master is out adventuring. You gain a special benefit from your contact from the one of the choices listen below.

  • Builder: By some ties to city planners or construction workers, you are able to construct buildings for much cheaper than others. If you invest in constructing a stronghold (as detailed in the Stronghold Builder's Guidebook) any money you invest in your stronghold is met on a 1 for 1 basis by investors, effectively cutting building costs in half. If you also possess the Landlord featSBG from the same book, this ability stacks, gaining the bonus funds and getting a 2 for 1 ratio on cost, effectively making costs only 1/3 listed. Your association with construction tends to give you good maintenance skills, increasing the hardness of any equipment in your position for more than 24 hours by +2 and repairing them of your HD in damage every day, so long as you maintain them.
  • General of Arms: You lead an army into battle and have military experience. You and your followers gain martial weapon proficiency if you do not already have it, and you yourself gain a +1 attack and damage if you are attacking a creature threatened by one of your allies. Your followers come equipped with masterwork non-magical weapons and armor free of charge up to 500 gp in value, though these items are not salable for various legal reasons and contracts. Your contact leads your troops whenever you are not directly leading them. At will as a standard action, you can duplicate the effect of bless with a rousing cheer to any allies.
  • Merchant: You gain profit through the business of your followers. Your effective wealth by level is 5% higher than normal. You may gain earned gold whenever you can get in touch with your contact, otherwise it sits with them collecting. In addition, you may also purchase something at 75% of the listed price once per level thanks to your business dealings.
  • Politico: Your contact has ties with royalty and others, and you benefit from this, gaining half your character level as a circumstance bonus to social skill checks made against people in positions of power. Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, Knowledge History, Knowledge Nobility and Royalty, and Sense Motive are always class skills for you. Your level is +2 higher than normal for determining your contact and number of followers. Once per day, you can reroll a single failed social skill check, smoothing over possible offenses you may have commited.
  • Street Rat: Your contact has ties with the underground market and shifty figures, giving you insight to the world's seedy underbelly. You gain half your character level as a circumstance bonus to Gather Information, Knowledge Local, and Sleight of Hand and these skills are always class skills for you. You also are able to buy possibly illegal items, such as poisons. You also gain Use Poison, and the DC for poisons rise by 1 + 1/4th your level.
  • Wiseman: Your contact, through age, experience, or some other manner knows many things and many people, and is a bastion of learning. You gain all Knowledge skills as class skills, and when you get in touch with your contact, 1/week he may duplicate the effects of a vision spell as a extraordinary ability (as the contact is going merely off memory). Use your character level as the effective caster level.

Special: This feat counts as leadership for all pre-requisites.

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