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Author: Eiji-kun (talk)
Date Created: 11-16-13
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Wub Nymph
Size/Type: Medium Fey
Hit Dice: 9d6+90 (121 hp)
Initiative: +3
Speed: 30 ft
Armor Class: 21 (+7 deflection, +3 dex, +1 dodge), touch 21, flat-footed 17
Base Attack/Grapple: +4/+4
Attack: Wild Hair +8 melee (1d4+1 nonlethal plus stun, 20/x2)
Full Attack: Wild Hair +8/+3 melee (1d4+1 nonlethal plus stun, 20x2)
Space/Reach: 5 ft/5 ft (15 ft with Wild Hair)
Special Attacks: Bardic Music (Countersong, Fascinate, Inspire Courage), Come Hither Stare, Enrapturing Song, Esctasy, SLAs, Strobe
Special Qualities: DR 10/cold iron, Freedom of Movement, Immunities, Low-Light Vision, Lucky Grace, Rave Aura, Wild Hair
Saves: Fort +7, Ref +10, Will +9
Abilities: Str 12, Dex 16, Con 16, Int 11, Wis 15, Cha 25
Skills: Balance +15, Concentration +15, Diplomacy +19, Disguise +19, Hide -5, Move Silently -5, Perform (Dance) +27, Tumble +15
Feats: Deflect ArrowsB, Weapon FinesseB, Whirlwind AttackB, Dodge, Mobility, Spring Attack, Combat Reflexes
Environment: Any
Organization: Solitary, Couple, or Rave (3-9)
Challenge Rating: 9
Treasure: Standard
Alignment: Usually Chaotic Neutral
Advancement: By character class, +10 HD (Medium)
Level Adjustment:

You hear this loud rhythmic noise in the background, accompanied by rainbow flashing lights. It turns out it wasn't an unusually loud prismatic spray, and instead appears to be a dance party crowded around one charismatic but curiously goat-horned woman.

Fey of dance, the wub nymph is of a particular strange form of dance involving loud noises, stratches, bright flashing lights, and "the drop" as the fey's consorts often call it. The wub nymph wanders the land from party to party, often in human disguise which comes off once she has swayed the party into wilder and wilder heights and her true nature is revealed. She is master of dance and she enthralls others to dance with her. It's not an act of malice inherently, but the wub nymph has little in the form of self control and they are tireless in their desire to party. They will literally dance their guests to death, then move on in bordem once the party dies. Literally.

A wub nymph appears as a beautiful human woman with notable cloven goat hooves and horns, and often brightly colored fur around the lower legs and wrists in bright, unnaturally colored strips. Their hair also comes in bright colors, sometimes multiple colors which change from day to day, and they are fond of piercings and tattoos. They typically disguise these traits if seeking to mingle with humans, suppressing their abilities just long enough to get a party started. They are somewhat related to satyrs and nymphs.

Wub nymphs speak Common and Sylven.


Wub nymphs do not do much for a fight, and are well protected by the dancing mosh pit around them. That said, many have no particular regard for their safety and if encountered directly the wub nymph makes the fight as part of her dance, wildly thrashing about with her hair and casting spells while on the move. The wub nymph typically seeks to pile on status effects, and enthrall them into dancing with her, choosing to leave if things get too hot to handle.

Of course, a spurned wub nymph can be a dangerous foe, as they hold grudges and will often seek to disrupt their antagonists lives whenever possible through noise, social warfare, and confusion.

Bardic Music: A wub nymph has bardic music of a bard of her level, though only with countersong, fascinate, and inspire courage (+2). If surrounded by allies, she usually uses this to buff them.

Come Hither Stare (Su): As a standard action, a wub nymph can briefly charm a creature into non-hostility as if using charm monster. However it only lasts for 1 minute, and someone can shake them out of it (a standard action) to give them a second saving throw. The target creature must be within 30 feet and gets a DC 21 Will save to negate. This is a gaze attack. The save DC is Charisma based.

Enrapturing Song (Su): As a standard action, anyone in 30 feet currently fascinated by the nymph (via Fascination typically) gets a DC 21 Will save. If they fail, they join in on her dancing performing no other actions. They continue to dance, not stopping eat, drink, or sleep, for as long as the wub nymph does (a very long time) even after the fascination has worn off. A wub nymph is considered dancing whenever she is able to move (that is, not paralyzed, or asleep, or dead, or otherwise unable to take actions). Others can attempt to shake them out of their stupor as a standard action, granting them another Will save. The save DC is Charisma based.

Esctasy (Sp): With a touch attack, a wub nymph can cause vivid hallucinations and pleasurable, if drug-fueled, trip through their own mind. Mechanically a creature makes a Fortitude save or takes 5d6 nonlethal damage and are dazed for 1 round. They continue to take damage and are dazed until they make a successful saving throw, after which they are fatigued. A creature which successfully saves against this ability is immune to further attempts for 24 hours. The save DC is Charisma based.

Freedom of Movement (Su): The wub nymph is always under the effects of freedom of movement.

Immunities (Ex): The wub nymph is immune to blinding, dazzling, deafness, exhaustion, and fatigue. She is also immune to sonic damage.

Lucky Grace (Ex): The wub nymph adds her Charisma modifier to hp (in addition to Constitution) and as a deflection bonus to AC.

Rave Aura (Su): The wub nymph can project an aura of wild music and flashing rainbow lights in a 30 ft area centered on her as a free action on her turn. For those under the effects of her fascinate or enrapturing song it is great music to dance to. For those outside it, it is cacophony. Once per round at the beginning of her turn she can weaponize it, causing those in the area of effect to suffer from one of the following effects: A Fortitude save vs deafness for 1 minute. A Reflex save vs prone from the subwoofer vibrations. Or a Will save vs blindness for 1 minute from the lights. The DC for all effects is 21, save negates. The save DC is Charisma based.

Spell-Like Abilities (Sp): At will- ghost sound, silent image, shatter, shout, touch of fatigue, ventriloquism; 3/day- blur, color spray, suggestion; 1/day- disguise self, feeblemind, glitterdust, haste, irresistible dance, obscuring mist, pyrotechnics. The save DC is Charisma based.

Strobe (Sp): With a series of flashing lights, all creatures in 30 feet not fascinated or affected by enrapturing song must make a DC 21 Will save or be subject to siesures from the strobe light display. They fall prone and stunned for 1 round, and remain staggered for 1d4 rounds after. A successful save leaves them staggered for 1 round instead. The wub nymph can pull this off 1/day, and usually saves it to escape. This is a mind-affecting pattern. The save DC is Charisma based.

Wild Hair (Ex): The wub nymph can use her hair as if it were a whip (even if its short, it extends unnaturally long when swung). Treat as a whip in all respects, though it can injure armored targets. Those who take at least one point of damage from the hair must make a Fortitude save or become stunned for 1 round, DC 17 negates. The saving DC is Dexterity based.

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