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The is a list of all modules for Dungeons and Dragons edition 3.5 with an entry on this wiki. It also includes publications for edition 3, which are considered valid in an edition 3.5 game unless they have been reprinted in an edition 3.5 source book.

This is a list of official Dungeons & Dragons adventures published by Wizards of the Coast as separate publications. It does not include adventures published as part of supplements, officially licensed Dungeons & Dragons adventures published by other companies, official d20 System adventures and other Open Game License adventures that may be compatible with Dungeons & Dragons.

Officially published adventures from before 3rd edition are often called modules.

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Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 Modules

PublicationPublisherMinimum LevelMaximum Level
Bad LightWizards of the Coast44
Bad Moon WaningWizards of the Coast1010
Barrow of the Forgotten KingWizards of the Coast22
Cave of the SpidersWizards of the Coast99
Dark and Stormy NightWizards of the Coast11
Dragontown GrottoWizards of the Coast1010
Dry SpellWizards of the Coast33
Environmental ImpactWizards of the Coast88
Expedition to Castle RavenloftWizards of the Coast610
Expedition to the Demonweb PitsWizards of the Coast912
Expedition to the Ruins of GreyhawkWizards of the Coast813
Eye of the SunWizards of the Coast44
Eyes of the Lich QueenWizards of the Coast55
Fait AccompliWizards of the Coast1212
Fane of the DrowWizards of the Coast44
The Frostfell RiftWizards of the Coast418
Fields of RuinWizards of the Coast88
Force of NatureWizards of the Coast1818
Fortress of the Yuan-TiWizards of the Coast77
Grasp of the Emerald ClawWizards of the Coast66
Hasken's ManorWizards of the Coast77
Hellspike PrisonWizards of the Coast99
Ill Wind in FriezfordWizards of the Coast1414
Legend of the Silver SkeletonWizards of the Coast66
Lest Darkness RiseWizards of the Coast77
Lochfell's SecretWizards of the Coast1515
March of the SaneWizards of the Coast55
Matters of VengeanceWizards of the Coast1515
Primrose PathWizards of the Coast66
Red Hand of DoomWizards of the Coast
Return to the Temple of the FrogWizards of the Coast1010
Road to OblivionWizards of the Coast1111
Scourge of the Howling HordeWizards of the Coast11
Shadows of the Last WarWizards of the Coast22
Sheep's ClothingWizards of the Coast1111
Shoals of IntrigueWizards of the Coast88
Shrine of the Feathered SerpentWizards of the Coast1212
Stone DeadWizards of the Coast1414
Tarus's Banquet!Wizards of the Coast1010
The Shattered Gates of SlaughtergardeWizards of the Coast16
The Sinister SpireWizards of the Coast55
The Temple of RedcliffWizards of the Coast1010
The Thunder BelowWizards of the Coast1717
To Quell the Rising StormWizards of the Coast1010
Tower in the IceWizards of the Coast99
Voyage of the Golden DragonWizards of the Coast77
War of DragonsWizards of the Coast1818
Whispers of the Vampire's BladeWizards of the Coast44
Wreck AshoreWizards of the Coast11

Dungeons and Dragons 3.0 Modules

PublicationModulePublisherMinimum LevelMaximum Level
A Question of EthicsWizards of the Coast1212
A Tale ManifestingWizards of the Coast33
Alchemist's EyrieWizards of the Coast66
Base of OperationsWizards of the Coast55
Bastion of Broken SoulsWizards of the Coast1818
Black RainWizards of the Coast1616
Burning PlagueWizards of the Coast11
Crumbling Hall of the Frost Giant JarlWizards of the Coast1010
Deep HorizonWizards of the Coast1313
Desert SandsWizards of the Coast1313
Ettin's RiddleWizards of the Coast23
Eye for an EyeWizards of the Coast88
Fallen AngelWizards of the Coast55
FangWizards of the Coast88
City of PerilWizards of the Coast11
Frigid DemiseWizards of the Coast1313
Frozen WhispersWizards of the Coast33
Ghosts of AnielWizards of the Coast66
Harvest of EvilWizards of the Coast1012
Haunting LodgeWizards of the Coast1717
Heart of Nightfang SpireWizards of the Coast1010
House of HarpiesWizards of the Coast66
Icy HeartWizards of the Coast2020
Into the Frozen WasteWizards of the Coast77
Lord of the Iron FortressWizards of the Coast1515
Ministry of WindsWizards of the Coast66
One Last RiddleWizards of the Coast57
Return to the Temple of Elemental EvilWizards of the Coast414
Sea WitchWizards of the Coast1010
Secret of the Windswept WallWizards of the Coast24
Self-Fulfilling Prophecy?Wizards of the Coast1111
Somethings CookingWizards of the Coast22
Start at the EndWizards of the Coast77
Test of the DemonwebWizards of the Coast66
The Forge of FuryWizards of the Coast11
The Fright at TristorWizards of the Coast11
The Speaker in DreamsWizards of the Coast55
The Standing StoneWizards of the Coast77
The Sunless CitadelWizards of the Coast11
Thicker Than WaterWizards of the Coast1212
Tigers PalaceWizards of the Coast910
Tower of DeceptionWizards of the Coast11
Treasure of the Black VeilsWizards of the Coast79
Vessel of StarsWizards of the Coast44

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