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A Collection of Fantastic Weapons +3am Games  +
A Dozen and One Adventures +TSR  +
A Guide to the Ethereal Plane +TSR  +
A Hero's Tale +TSR  +
A Paladin in Hell +TSR  +
A Practical Guide to Monsters +Mirrorstone  +, Wizards of the Coast  +
A Question of Ethics +Wizards of the Coast  +
A Tale Manifesting +Wizards of the Coast  +
AD&D Adventures in Space +TSR  +
Aberrations +Wizards of the Coast  +
Acquisitions Incorporated +Wizards of the Coast  +
Advanced Bestiary +Green Ronin  +
Advanced d20 Rulebooks +Green Ronin  +
Adventure Pack I +TSR  +
Adventurer's Vault +Wizards of the Coast  +
Adventures in Blackmoor +TSR  +
Against the Cult of the Reptile God +TSR  +
Against the Giants +TSR  +
The Liberation of Geoff +TSR  +
Age of Mortals +Sovereign Press  +
Alchemist's Eyrie +Wizards of the Coast  +
All That Glitters +TSR  +
Amber and Ashes +Wizards of the Coast  +
Amber and Blood +Wizards of the Coast  +
Amber and Iron +Wizards of the Coast  +
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