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To make a new maneuver for an existing discipline, simply enter the name of your maneuver replacing "MyManeuver" in the first edit box below. Please leave the "(3.5e Maneuver)" identifier. Then click the button, and you'll be taken to an edit page with a template and instructions for adding your creation. If there is already a page with the same name, you'll be taken to the Edit page for the existing page. Until you know what you are doing, use the first input box.

Once you know what you are doing, feel free to use any of the three input boxes. The first gives instructions. The second does not. The third is like the second, except that it has the parameters fluff and text shown.

Note: If you are adding an article to this site, and it is not your idea, please get permission from the author.

New Martial Discipline Preloads

If you want to create an entire new discipline worth of maneuvers, you'll need to do a little more. In addition to adding all the maneuvers as specified in the above paragraph, you'll also need to create a new page for your maneuver. Simply replace "MyDiscipline" with the name of your discipline in the second edit box below, leaving the "(3.5e Martial Discipline)" identifier intact. Then click the button, and you'll be taken to an edit page. You'll have to modify the new page very slightly, just filling in a couple of values. Then save the page and your new martial discipline will be created!

But you aren't done there. Come back to this page, and then use the second and third input boxes, replacing what it asks to replace. Then you can create maneuvers and have all maneuvers page and the breadcrumbs working.

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