Archon of the Triumvirate (5e)

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Archon of the Triumvirate (pointer) [1]
Medium Celestial (Archons), Lawful Neutral
Armor Class:
Hit Points: 144
Senses: passive Perception
Challenge: 14 (11,500 xp)Proficiency Bonus (PB): +5


Eye of the Law.

Innate Spellcasting.




Hammer of Justice.

Pacifying Presence.

Legendary Actions

The celestial can take 3 legendary actions, choosing from the options below. Only one legendary action option can be used at a time and only at the end of another creature’s turn. The celestial regains spent legendary actions at the start of its turn.

Rejoin Mount.



Unofficial Description: Mounted celestial of law

Sources and Notes[edit]

  1. James Wyatt, Jeremy Crawford (20 November 2018). Guildmasters' Guide to Ravnica. Wizards of the Coast. ISBN 0786966599. p. 192. Licensed: © Wizards of the Coast (used under 'fair use' clause.)

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AlignmentLawful Neutral +
Canontrue +
Challenge Rating14 +
Experience Points11,500 +
FeaturesEye of the Law +, Innate Spellcasting +, Mount +, Multiattack +, Hammer of Justice +, Pacifying Presence +, Rejoin Mount +, Smite + and Detention +
Hit Points144 +
Legendary Monstertrue +
SettingRavnica +
SizeMedium +
SortTextArchon of the Triumvirate 5e +
SubtypeArchon +
TypeCelestial +