Blood Magus (3.5e Class)/Blood Spells

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Blood Magus Spells[edit]

Blood Magus spells may only be chosen by Blood Magus, they follow the same rules as normal arcane spells, but all have a blood price. The blood price must be paid by either the blood mage or an adjacent willing creature. Due to the nature of the blood spells they cannot be casted without somatic components even with still spell. Damages from blood price count as damage taken as if the blood magus used blood sacrifice and is healed as such.

The damages from blood price are stated in each particular blood spells.

Blood Magus Spells

5th-Level Blood Magus Spells

Aneis's Blood Revolt: Cause target blood to revolt, paralyzing it.

6th-Level Blood Magus Spells

Aneis's Blood Cone: Deal damage and knock creatures out with a cone of blood.