Caelistis (3.5e Campaign Setting)/Geography and Environment

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Geography and Environment[edit]

The land of Caelistis is split among the gods, with different churches claiming parts of the land as his or her nation. The largest nations are usually ruled by a single primary church while other, less influential churches, function under their rules without having their members forced to convert. Many people consider a god's presence on Caelistis to be determined by which churches currently rules the various nations. Even still, some areas of Caelistis (called "the godless areas" or, most commonly, "The Wilds") are unclaimed by gods. Most often this is because they are too small to be claimed, as is often the case with islands, but sometimes it is because the area remains too dangerous for the common folk to take it. Small 'patches' of Wilds are scattered around Caelistis where dangerous creatures reside.