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Annah of the Shadows is a tiefling female thief from the computer game Planescape: Torment. She is described as the daughter of the Collector Pharod, but not as a natural issue. Most likely, she was found as an orphan on the streets of Sigil, and raised by Pharod.


Annah is described and pictured as a striking red-headed woman of average height. Her eyes and ears are somewhat pointed, a throwback to her tiefling heritage, and are somewhat covered with the short hairstyle she prefers. The most striking effect of her mixed blood is her tail that resembles a cat's. A series of linked plates that resemble dragon scales covers her right arm and leg, but whether this is armor or natural growth is never explained.


At the time of recruiting into the party, Annah is a 5th level thief, and highly capable with the punch daggers she wields. Her most damaging strikes come from her ability to blend with the shadows and backstab her opponents.


Annah prefers tight fitting leathers that don't restrict movement. The weather of Sigil is extremely temperate, allowing her to use this scant protection and not worry about the elements.

Her preferred weapons are punch daggers, which allow her fast strikes and nimble recoveries. She has no proficiencies in any other weapon.

Known Associations[edit]

Annah is a known Collector, and can rely on resources of that group. She is also of the Independent League faction.

In the game, Annah joins the Nameless One on his quest to discover his identity. She has mixed feelings for the main character, and comments once how the smell of formeldahyde has a strange effect on her. She dislikes Morte the skull and absolutely loathes Falls-from-Grace, the succubus that joins the party.


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