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Home Plane:

The Seelie Court (wandering realm) 

Power Level:



Chaotic Good 


Healing, Loyalty, Protection 



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In many campaign settings for the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game, Eachthighern (pronounced "ek-tee-arn," meaning "lord of horses") is the unicorn deity of Healing, Loyalty, and Protection. He is also the god of pegasi. His symbol is a unicorn horn.


Eachthighern is depicted as a winged unicorn with a white coat and slight gray dappling on his belly. There is a gray fringe on his mane and beard.


Eachthighern is a member of the Seelie Court. Myths differ on his parentage, but most often he is regarded as a son of the ki-rin god Koriel. Sometimes he is said to be the offspring of a humanoid trickster god, such as Erevan Ilesere, who took on female form in order to conceive and give birth to Eachthighern.

Eachthighern is very choosy about who he allows to ride him. He permits Oberon and Fionnghuala this honor, as well as Hanali Celanil of the Seldarine.


Eachthighern dwells in the mobile realm of the Seelie Court.


Eachthighern is fiercely loyal to his riders. He is a protector of sylvan folk and a great healer. His name is a byword for loyalty and bravery.


Eachthighern is revered by unicorns and pegasi, as well as by other faerie creatures as a god of protection and healing.

Alternate versions[edit]

Valarian, the Dusk Unicorn, appeared as a demigod of unicorns, blink dogs, and pegasi in the Book of Exalted Deeds.[1]


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