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Homeland: Vault of the Drow
Gender: Female
Race: Drow
Age: Unknown
Class: Cleric/Fighter
Alignment: Chaotic evil 



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Eclavdra is a powerful, ravishing drow priestess and head of House Eilserv in The Vault of the Drow beneath the Hellfurnace Mountains. Formerly a cleric of Lolth, she and her house switched their allegiance to The Elder Elemental God and began organizing disparate groups of giants on the surface to worship the EEG as well as coordinate raiding and pillaging of the surrounding lands in The Sheldomar Valley on the World of Greyhawk. She is known for her cruelty and complex scheming, and her total lack of compassion. Together with her allies in House Tormtor, Eclavdra attempts to bring all the inhabitants of The Vault of the Drow under her dominion.


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There is an article about Eclavdra at the Great Library of Greyhawk.

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