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This article is about the city. For the sourcebook, see: Publication:Palanthas

After the destruction of Istar, Palanthas, the Jewel of Solamnia, quickly became the most important city of Ansalon, although never matching the size nor the power of Ergoth or Istar. It is now the capital of Solamnia.

First founded by the Tarsian survivors of a shipwreck around 2,000 PC near a beach after making a pact with pirates, the city of Bright Horizon (as it was first known) developed around the Tower of High Sorcery of Palanthas.

The city itself consists of two different sections: The original Old City, which has the shape of a wheel where the palace is situated at the center, and the New City, which consists of small houses constructed after the edification of the Old City.

The Thieves Guild[edit]

It is an exclusive society. Formed by thieves, assassins and smugglers, the thieves receive extra training, health care and safety, they are taught the hand signal language and Codex, which allows them to read the symbols in Palanthas sewer tunnels, in exchange of a percentage of their trades.

Members of the Thieves Guild follow four guidelines:

  • Practice one's craft honorably.
  • Steal only from those who have more than they need.
  • Harm only those who would harm you or the defenseless.
  • Defy the Lord Knight and his regime.

The last guideline was added after the Knights of Takhisis executed the previous Guild leader.


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