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Celestial bodies of Realmspace is a category that contains any celestial bodies within the Realmspace crystal sphere.

This category lists all the celestial bodies within the Realmspace crystal sphere. For a more complete description (and a list of source material) see the Realmspace article.

Celestial Bodies of Realmspace
The Sun (Primary) | Anadia | Coliar | Toril | Karpri | Chandos | Glyth | Garden | H'Catha
Additional Astronomicals of Realmspace
Comet K'Thoutek | Skull of the Void | Caer Windlauer | Galleon Nebula | Color Spray Nebula
Constellations of Realmspace
The Dragon of Dawn | The Firbolg | The Harp | The Sword and Dagger | The Lady of Mystery


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