Common Clan (5e Subrace)

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Common Clan[edit]

Common Clan Namekians are the most common of the Namkian race. They generally have a specific skill that they specialize in, such as woodworking or masonry.

Ability Score Increase. +1 to any Ability Score of your choice 
Alignment. Most often Lawful Neutral 
Adaptable. Common Clan Namekians can be suited for all sorts of skills. You gain proficiency in 1 skills and 1 artisan tool of your choice. 
Discerning. You have proficiency with Wisdom(Insight), and once per long rest, can have advantage on 1 Wisdom(Insight) check of your choice.
FeaturesAlignment +, Adaptable + and Discerning +
Subrace Ability Mods+1 to any Ability Score of your choice +
Subrace FeaturesAdaptable + and Discerning +