Desparta Desimundo (3.5e Campaign Setting)/Cosmology

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Lef'nash - The Fires of Purgatory[edit]

  • Realm of fire and burning.
  • Contains burning angels that torment those here to expunge them of sin, evil deeds, earthly desires.
  • This causes them to purify and join their essence to that of the universe, ready to be sent back into the material place.
  • People that up end here are more likely to be passionate and emotional.

Bortine - The Library of Eternal Cold[edit]

  • Realm of frozen cold.
  • Contains "librarians" and "auditors" or sorts, as well as the Infinite Library, which holds all the information of the universe ever.
  • People are locked frozen here for eternity to be cataloged and accounted for.
  • People that up end here are more likely to be logical and unemotional.

Murdoe - The Mirror of Shadows[edit]

  • Contains everything that might be, millions of half-formed shades.
  • If someone is killed in here, one of the shades can take over their lives, turning into a twisted parody of them.
  • Entering causes the shades to immediately attack.
  • People who end up here are more likely to trust neither their logic nor feelings, but instead something greater such as their intuition or a different figure.