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This page is for news about Spelljammer Wiki, and Spelljammer.

Worldwide events relating to Spellljammer[edit]

The Spelljammer Campaign Setting is currently out of print. However all of the products in the campaign setting are available as PDF[1] downloads from Paizo[2] or RPGNow[3].

The Cloakmaster Cycle novels are also currently out of print, but Amazon maintains pages where you can buy copies from secondhand dealers.

The Spelljammer comics are also currently out of print. Copies occasionally turn up on eBay.

The Spelljammer computer game is also out of print and is fairly difficult to obtain.

Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition is due in the shops soon, but is not expected to bring back support for Spelljammer.

Spelljammer Wiki news[edit]

The Spelljammer Wiki was Started on the 12th of October 12, 2007 by David Shepheard.

We are currently in the process of getting logos designed for this wiki and are also creating seed articles to act as templates for others.


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