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Githyanki Overview  

See Gith

Unofficial Descripiton: The progenitors of the Githyanki were enslaved by the Mind Flayers. A rebellion, led by an individual by the name of Gith, succeeded in freeing this people from the mind flayers. Gith led her people, now called Gith after their leader, forming a society that, in many ways, mirrored that of the mind flayers.

One of her generals, Zerthimon, felt that Gith was leading them on a ruinous path of cruelty and tyranny, and led a rebellion against Gith.

The Gith people were split into two factions. Gith led one group to the Astral Plane, where they became the Githyanki. Zerthimon led the second group into Limbo where they became the Githzerai.

Githyanki Articles[edit]

Githyanki as Characters[edit]

Githyanki as Creaturess[edit]

(5 official and unofficial Githyanki)

Name Type Subtype Size HP CR (XP) Alignment Source
Githyanki Overview Humanoid, Gith, Githyanki Varied
Githyanki Astral Cavalry Humanoid Gith, Githyanki, Gith, Githyanki Medium 55 3 (700) Lawful Evil Rlyehable
Githyanki Knight Humanoid Gith, Githyanki, Gith, Githyanki Medium 91 8 (3,900) Lawful Evil Monster Manual (5e)
Githyanki Sarth Humanoid Gith, Githyanki, Gith, Githyanki Medium 78 6 (2,300) Lawful Evil Rlyehable
Githyanki Warrior Humanoid Gith, Githyanki, Gith, Githyanki Medium 49 3 (700) Lawful Evil Monster Manual (5e)

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