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Kender (Plural: Kender) Commonly misjudged as thieves, these small human-like creatures are nuisances to the races of Krynn. Kender are small creatures, rarely more than 4 feet tall,[1] and often compared to human children. Like elves, kender have pointed ears and slightly slanted, almond-shaped eyes. Their eye color ranges from green, blue and brown to any combination of those colors. Kender grow wrinkles at a very young age, and these are seen as attractive by many kender (some kendermaids try to grow them through various methods, much like humans and other races try to remove them).[citation needed]

Kender are virtually immune to fear. Even dragonfear has little to no effect on a kender. Rather than running from an encounter that would scare normal humanoids, a kender will approach it as a new experience. ("I've never been eaten by a dragon before.")

The language of the kender is called Kenderspeak.

Afflicted Kender[edit]

Following the Second Cataclysm, and the rise of Malystryx, some kender have become vulnerable to fear. They are quietly pitied by other kender.

The Kender tend to be a fun loving race afflicted at a young age with wanderlust compelling young kender to roam all of Krynn in search of new and exciting adventures. This is generally the start of their adulthood.

Notable Kender include uncle Uncle Trapspringer and Tasslehoff Burrfoot.


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