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Tales of the Lance
System: Dungeons and Dragons 2e 
Abbreviation: — 
Author: Harold Johnson, John Terra, J. Robert King, Wolfgang Baur, Colin McComb, Jean Rabe, Norm Ritchie, Margaret Weis, Tracy Hickman, Jeff Grubb, Doug Niles, Michael Williams 
Publisher: TSR 
Item Code: 1074 
Publication Date: 1992 
Format: Boxed Set 
ISBN-10: 1-56076-338-8 
Price: $20.00 U.S. $26.00 CAN ₤11.99 U.K.
Product Blurb

Once they were mere legends - stories told to frighten children. Now, they are living nightmares. From draconian patrols on the streets of Port Balifor to the haunted depths of the Blood Sea, the dragons have returned to Krynn.

Enter the ravaged land of Ansalon, a land forsaken by gods, beset by fell beasts, and championed by desperate heroes. Enter the Age of Dragons. The world of Krynn has one last chance to reclaim its lost honor and glory. Now is the time for heroes!

The Tales of the Lance boxed set guides you through a land of romance and adventure. Discover tinker gnomes, curious kender, valiant knights, and dark, deadly dragons. Join the adventure in the world of the legendary Dragonlance.


Danger and Excitement!

  • Dragons - once mere legends, are now deadly realities!
  • This land bereft of gods is now their battleground!
  • Once-proud nations struggle to regain lost glory.

Curious Creatures of Fantasy and Legend

  • Elven and dwarven nations feud.
  • Insatiably curious kender, maniacally inventive gnomes, and misunderstood gully dwarves people the world.
  • Beware the sinister draconians - half man, half dragon, all evil!

The Lands of Adventure Are Now Yours - Create the New Legends of the Lance!

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Tales of the Lance was a boxed set issued by TSR for Dragonlance. It included maps, source books, and player stat cards for various non-player characters (NPCs).


The Tales of the Lance boxed set summarizes the history of the setting, and details key locales in a thick volume that serves as a resource for Ansalon.[1] A set of character cards provides comprehensive statistics for Flint Fireforge, Theros Ironfeld, and other iconic Dragonlance characters.[1] A four-panel Dungeon Master's screen includes tables for subjects ranging from terrain obstacles to animal movement rates.[1]

Publication history[edit]

Tales of the Lance was designed by Harold Johnson, John Terra, J. Robert King, Wolfgang Baur, Colin McComb, Jean Rabe, and Norm Ritchie.[1] It was published by TSR, Inc.[1]


Rick Swan reviewed Tales of the Lance for Dragon magazine #188 (December 1992).[1] Swan contends that as a multiple-author setting, "Krynn has acquired some excess baggage over the years", but that the Tales of the Lance boxed set "sets the Dragonlance saga straight, addressing the discrepancies".[1] He also points out that, "Since much of this material is recycled, Dragonlance saga fans who've been with the project since the beginning may not find enough to spark their interest (though if they pass, they'll miss the most lavish product in the series). But if you're thoroughly confused, or if you've been wondering what all the fuss is about, Tales of the Lance answers your questions and furnishes all the information you need to begin your own adventures.[1]


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