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Licil Karcere[edit]


There is a war going on.

The darkness is fighting for your soul, a battle that rages on since time began.

Only the Union can protect you from the darkness.

Conjuration has long been the most respected of powers wielded by Karcere, the ability to call demons and devils, slaads and genies, even the angels themselves to do their bidding. When the Union rose to power, they sponsored a study of the outer planes by Karcere's finest minds in an attempt to understand the might of the archangels. Years of study and divination evolved into a series of expeditions into Maial, where scholars Likto, Pulio, and Fentar conversed for eleven months with Lord Dhazriel and Lady Esphia. Upon returning, they founded a new hall of Karcere, devoted to the exploration and study of the planes.

Today, Saitin-Epele in still affiliated with the church, although a bit more tenously nowadays. Exarch Benaas relies heavily on the council of it's members, and his clerics are often tutored within Karcere.

Epelan archivists stand out from others of Karcere, with crimson-trimmed ivory robes and brilliant golden ceremonial headress. They are the most ruthless and pround of the school, trained to be charasmatic leaders to spread the influence of Saitin throughout the Empire.

While generally found with a few summoned thralls, each Epelan possesses a intricate adamantine bracelet called a Odlio, or Circlet. Every Circlet has a specific outsider bound to it, generally a minor angel or genie. These bracelets are granted upon graduating Karcere, and once so gifted, they cannot be transferred or replaced.




Look around you.

If you haven't suffered from some debilitating illness, if your body is stronger and more adaptable that ordinary, if you eat well all year round, if your streets are safe to walk at night-odds are, Cilene-Aramos is in your life.

Founded in 2988 AS by Ben and Teren Tados, Cilene is based on the studies of enriching both the living and deceased energies of the world in all beings. Under this mission, hundreds of new breakthroughs have occurred in the agricultural and medical fields, making a powerful base to forge Palantium into the superpower it is today.

Aramaian archivists are an odd lot, often absent-minded and studious like others of Karcere, but tempered with a darker and slightly more detached bent than other houses. Uniforms consist of simple rough spun gray robes, with little or no adornment save for dozens of pockets for instruments and experiments. Members are clean shaven, usually bald; though most have numerous grafts.


Perhaps the most dramatic of Aramaian magics is the art of attaching or infusing (often unwilling) subjects with new or improved body parts: grafting. Although Ben Tados is credited with spreading the knowledge of fleshwarping through the school, it's origins stem from hieroglyphics discovered on Myr in the ruins of an ancient civilization that died out after the Shattering. Cilene has perfected the methods of the following types of grafts, mostly based on these ruins: aboleth, beholder, elemental, fiendish, illithid and undead. Recently a small study has begun on silithar grafts since an encounter with several grafted beings found on Amone Faer.

Monotectrine and the Depugare Fallacy




To the Empire, little is known about the powers of the mind. On Palantium, those who hold power are the divine spellcasters, archivists and clerics.

With the influx of Maunu-Teten, Imperial Knights have found a large number of latent psionicists among lower class laborers and children. The Knights are tasked with bringing in manifesters to Karcere, s

Imperial scholars believe that the ability for psionic manifestation is hereditary, and that if one parent can manifest, its' child surely can as well.

Other Forms of Magic[edit]






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The time of the confederation is over, may the empire shine for the millennium to come.
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