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Dragonlance races[edit]

All races of Krynn arose during the Age of Twilight. Elves claim to have been the first, and since they wrote the early history of Krynn, this is widely accepted to be true. However, it was actually the ogres that awakened first, although the Irda were all but lost during the Ogre Wars. There are four subclasses of ogre: true ogres, goblins, giants, and minotaurs. After elves came the animals, and then the humans and humanlike races[1].

List of races[edit]

  • Human, PHB
  • Gnomes
    • Mad, PHB
    • Tinker Gnomes
  • Elves
    • Dark, PHB
    • Qualinestri
    • Silvanestri
    • Kagonestri
    • Dimernestri
    • Half elves
  • Dwarves
    • Fatherless, PHB
    • Hill
    • Mountain
    • Gully
  • Irda (Ogres)
  • Minotaurs


  1. Hickman/Weis (1987). Dragonlance Adventures. (TSR)

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