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Nightspider Summary [1]
Type: Ship (Spelljamming)
Armor Class: 19 (metal)   Cargo: 50 tons
Hit Points: 300 Crew: 25
Damage Threshold: 15} Keel/Beam: 175 ft./50 ft.
Speed: 40 ft. (4½ mph) Cost: 50,000
Decks: 3 Deck Area (5 ft.2): 86, 238, 152

Unofficial Description: These spelljamming ships of the Negoi are shaped like a gargantuan spider.


Nightspider Deck Plans

Sources and Notes[edit]

  1. Christopher Perkins, Jeremy Crawford, Sadie Lowry, Ari Levitch (16 August 2022). Astral Adventurer's Guide. (5e) Wizards of the Coast. ISBN 978-0786968220. p. 40-41. Licensed: © Wizards of the Coast (used under 'fair use' clause).

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Facts about "Nightspider (5e)"
AC19 +
AuthorAstral Adventurer's Guide +
Beam50 +
Canontrue +
Cargo50 tons +
Cost50,000 +
Crew25 +
Damage Threshold15 +
Deck Area86, 238, 152 +
Decks3 +
Hit Points300 +
Keel175 +
Materialmetal +
PublicationAstral Adventurer's Guide +
SettingSpelljammer +
SortTextNightspider (5e) Template:5ens +
Speed40 ft. (4½ mph) +
Weapon4 Ballistae, 1 Mangonel +