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3.5e Grim Alterations +After drawing in the lights and with a downward slash of his hand, a sharp and instantaneous wave of darkness slashed forward in a straight line, causing a scar in the earth and damaging all those in it's wake.  +, After drawing in the lights and with a pointing gesture to the ground a giant circular shadow erupted from the area, causing those inside to be caught and clawed at by claws of cold darkness.  +
Armor Fusion +His armor began flowing with energy, becoming part of his body, twisting and warping as he did.  +
Aura of Dread +He let out a sorrowful moan and turned his gaze upon us. The dogs kept at bay, barking in fear. A chill cold ran down my spine as we slowly pressed forward.  +
Aura of Epic Dread +He spoke in harsh but whispered words. All who stood before him felt a chill touch run to their souls. The squad broke rank and fled, quickly regaining their thoughts, but nevertheless, worried.  +
Boon of Charisma +The aura flowed from her, and we gazed, dumbfounded as if seeing her for who she truly was for the first time.  +
Boon of Constitution +He stood straight and stoic, shrugging off the pain of his wounds.  +
Boon of Dexterity +Deftly dodging arrows and spears, he weaved about with unearthly grace and finesse.  +
Boon of Epic Constitution +He stood straight and stoic. Shrugging off the pain of his wounds, he marched forward.  +
Boon of Epic Dexterity +With a quick shift in his stance, he sidestepped the incoming lance, taking full advantage of the mounted knight and slashing with his readied blade.  +
Boon of Epic Strength +Transformed, he flexed his great muscles at the ladies watching. He took a step forward and, much to the amusement of the onlookers, punched the ogre in the gut, knocking him flat. He then bought everyone around of drinks, much to the pleasure of the onlookers.  +
Boon of Fortitude +The poison trickled out of the slash in his arm as it mixed with his blood. He shrugged and grimaced, stepping forward with his own blade drawn.  +
Boon of Reflex +Fire burst all around him. With expert skill, he dodged the tendrils of flame.  +
Boon of Strength +Magical might surged into his muscles. Flexing his strength, he pushed the statue off its pillar, blocking the doorway as the goblins chattered just behind it, now trapped.  +
Boon of Will +The vampire locked his gaze onto him and spoke in gentle whispers. The grim stared back and yawned, unimpressed.  +
Dark Matter +Using the full might of darkness, the grim create an ever expanding wave of darkness which devour your opponent and leave nothing behind.  +
Devourer of Light +Taking a surefooted stance, the everburning flames in the room flickered, and quickly, their light diminished and flowed into his darkness.  +
Elemental Affinity +The robed man swung his arm, and a blade of solid air rippled forth to harm his foes.  +
Elemental Affinity, Final +The woman screamed and flame erupted from her body, turning the men who were restraining her into ash.  +
Elemental Affinity, Improved +The man swung his hand out over the grass and it withered in a great swath, its stolen moisture floating up to form a whip in his hand.  +
Elemental Affinity, Minor +The warrior raised his hands and the earth rose with him, forming a thick wall between his comrades and the incoming arrows.  +
Elemental Attack +The smell of ozone filled the air, and the figure that stood before us was suddenly wreathed in lightning that arced from two curving horns that grew from his forehead. The figure charged forward like a bolt of lightning into our ranks.  +
Elemental Body +A wispy aura of chill flowed about his body. The blades of grass at his feet froze and shattered as he hovered over, walking on fog.  +
Elemental Breath +He tilted his head back, snorting a bit, then leaned forward, belching out a gout of acid. The iron bars melted away.  +
Elemental Burst +As his anger reached the breaking point, he screamed. Flickering arcs of electrical energy burst all around him in a great dome of sparks that crackled and shred everything nearby.  +
Elemental Projectile +He came of his tent and started throwing balls of ice at the caravan master, cursing at him. Apparently, the caravan master thought he was entitled to some cargo that wasn't his.  +
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