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Sif +Upraised sword  +
Abbathor +Jeweled dagger, point down  +
Aberro +A cross splitting a grinning mask, with curved mischievous eyes. Gleaming with elegant rays.  +
Aegir +Rough ocean waves  +
Aendar +[[Shield of Aendar (3.5e Equipment)|Shield of Aendar]]  +
Aerdrie Faenya +Bird silhouetted against a cloud  +
Aether +A cross  +
Alafax +A battle Axe thrust through a skull  +
Alathrien Druanna +Quill or glyph  +
Alexander +A Steel Rook (Chess Piece)  +
Alobal Lorfiril +Wine Glass  +
Altana +A single teardrop upon a white feather.  +
Amane +A seven-pointed star  +
Amberra +A pair of praying hands tied by a ribbon  +
Ammuu +Two rings and a bar suggesting a barbell  +
Anahita +A cornucopia set upon a maple leaf  +
Angharradh +Three interlocking circles  +
Angra +Sword dripping blood in a black triangle  +
Anoikh +An upside down ankh with three crosses intersecting at the loops end, near the end of the shaft and inbetween the two.  +
Anomos +A heavily stylized flame  +
Anubis +Black jackal  +
Apep +Flaming snake  +
Aphrodite +Sea shell  +
Apollo +Lyre  +
Arachne +A golden spider on a golden web.  +
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