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Plant Growth is a spell in 5th edition.

Plant Growth
3rd-level transmutation
Casting Time: 1 action or 8 hours
Range: 150 feet
Components: V, S
Duration: Instantaneous
Casters: Bard, Druid, Ranger

This spell channels vitality into plants within a specific area. There are two possible uses for the spell, granting either immediate or long-­term benefits.

If you cast this spell using 1 action, choose a point within range. All normal plants in a 100-­foot radius centered on that point become thick and overgrown. A creature moving through the area must spend 4 feet of movement for every 1 foot it moves.

You can exclude one or more areas of any size within the spell’s area from being affected.

If you cast this spell over 8 hours, you enrich the land. All plants in a half-­mile radius centered on a point within range become enriched for 1 year. The plants yield twice the normal amount of food when harvested.


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Facts about "Plant Growth"
Action TypeOther +
AuthorSRD5 +
Canontrue +
CasterBard +, Druid + and Ranger +
ComponentV + and S +
Level3 +
PublicationSRD5 +
Range150 feet +
SchoolSRD:Transmutation School +
TitlePlant Growth +