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Prerequisites: Divine rank 6, Cha 29.

Benefit: An avatar serves as a deity’s alter ego, effectively allowing the deity to be in two or more places at the same time. An avatar is an extension of a deity. The deity senses and knows everything the avatar senses and knows and vice versa. Each avatar counts as a remote location where the deity is sensing and communicating. A lesser deity can have up to five avatars at once, an intermediate deity can have up to ten, and a greater deity can have up to twenty avatars at once. It takes a deity one year to create an avatar or replace a destroyed avatar. The process does not require any special effort on the deity’s part. An avatar must be created in the deity’s own realm. If the deity has the Divine Creation salient divine ability, the deity can use it to create a new avatar anywhere. However, the deity must rest afterward as noted in the Divine Creation ability description. An avatar is a less powerful version of a deity, created by modifying the deity’s statistics, that has the following characteristics.

Divine Rank: The avatar’s divine rank is half that of the deity (round down). This decrease in divine rank affects many of the avatar’s statistics and abilities, including bonuses to attack rolls, damage, saves, checks, and Armor Class, damage reduction, resistances, number of salient divine abilities and bonus salient divine abilities, uses per day of domain powers, saving throw DCs against spell-like abilities, range of senses, automatic actions, magic items it can create, and extent of divine aura. The deity’s ability scores, speed, class levels, and Hit Dice are unchanged.

Divine Abilities: The avatar has salient divine abilities according to its own divine rank. The deity chooses which of its abilities the avatar has when creating the avatar. The avatar cannot have a salient divine ability that is not available to a deity of its own rank, nor can it use a salient divine ability if it doesn’t meet the prerequisites. An avatar cannot have the Avatar or Possess Mortal salient divine abilities.

An avatar does not have any remote sensing or remote communication powers.

Suggested Portfolio Elements: Any.

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