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Power Storing: A power storing weapon allows a manifester to store a single targeted power of up to 5 power points in the weapon. (The power must have a manifesting time of 1 standard action.) Any time the weapon strikes a creature and the creature takes damage from it, the weapon can immediately manifest the power on that creature as a swift action if the wielder desires. (This ability is an exception to the rule that manifesting a power from an item takes at least as long as manifesting that power normally.) Once the power is manifested, the weapon is empty, and a manifester can imbed any other targeted power of up to 5 power points into it. The weapon telepathically whispers to the wearer the name of the power currently stored within it. A randomly generated power storing weapon has a 50% chance to have a power stored in it already.

Strong psychokinesis; ML 12th; Craft Psionic Arms and Armor, creator must be a manifester of at least 12th level; Price +1 bonus.

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